The Imperial Conflict API is open for business!


It’s been cooking for awhile now, and got hooked up to production data recently. With the homepage now using it as its data source, we’re officially on our way to bigger and better things:

I’m beyond happy, and very much relieved, to say that this is no longer an obstacle.

However, this opens many more doors than just new features. With the documentation now live as well, we are finally giving volunteer developers direct (and restricted where appropriate) access to the game’s data. Huzzah!

The old way of doing things required tech-savvy players to jump through all kinds of hoops to grab the information they needed. This was not only tedious for them, but often also unnecessarily stressful for the server. The new way will be more efficient for all sides, and will support willing players as the collaborators that they are.

More Than Tools

This also means that tools like MapGen or the fam news analyzer are just the beginning. It will be possible to build entire interfaces, not unlike the old Marble theme from years ago that some of you may remember.

It even brings the mobile app much closer to being within reach. :ic_surprised:

Of course, the API itself is still being developed so we still have some ground to cover. It is functional right now but will be constantly evolving. Not only will we be gradually exposing new endpoints, but we’ll also be rebuilding existing functionality to leverage performance gains over our current tech stack. Some of our code is still nearly 2 decades old! :italianspidermanguy: Hopefully not for much longer. :ic_winky:

If you’re interested in more, join the @Volunteer_Developers and we’ll see you in our private dev chat. :slight_smile:


This is really great stuff! Nice to see you working on making the game more user friendly. Also, given us the opportunity to help along the way. Amazing!

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