The IC Podcast Guest Schedule

Greetings, ICers!

We just completed another podcast interview and it’s safe to say that the concept has legs. :slight_smile: Feedback has been positive and it’s been great talking with players from different families in the game but also different parts of the world in meatspace.

We’re opening up the schedule and also taking requests. :smiley:


If you want to hear from somebody in particular or from somebody in a specific family, reply to this post here or send me a PM and I’ll do my best to get in contact with them.

Let’s hear from you too!

If you’re down for a friendly chat, get in touch! :wink:

We usually spend the first half talking about the game, your current round, and your ideas and critiques. The second half is misc chat about whatever happens to come up or anything you want to discuss in particular.


Our current schedule is below and will be updated weekly. Enjoy!

  • :play_or_pause_button: Episode 15 - @kingray from Miami, USA.
  • :play_or_pause_button: Episode 16 - @Translucent from Toronto, Canada.
  • (next up) Episode 17 - @Dukey from Bridlington, England.
  • Episode 18 - Guest TBD
  • Episode 19 - Guest TBD

Woop woop!!!

I suggest hydroP he is trying to do a lot for the game. With this videos on the game and all. Also in #1 fam

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Infinitum episode

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