The great showdown.... time to delete! (7173 v 7187)

Our relations with Family #7173 have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 40 weeks.

Following in Kratom’s footsteps… Looks like Outlaws have grown jealous of our great success and are out to take us down (well maybe just a little)

(note quite rankings at time of cancelling, but teach me not to pay attention)

4 #7173: Milkyway Outlaws [15,3] 4,302,624 308 2,512,679


9 #7187: [ANZAC] Foolish Deleters [10,34] 1,264,420 135 9,910,685

I am sure this will be a great fight, one for the ages…

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Lol i guess you want a war? As i said before i wasn’t after much but if you insist and keep asking me to then why not

He DONT want a war. In fact he dosnt want you to take any planets.

Part of the release team and you are not very smart.

Hmm would have fooled me, he was aware it wasn’t a war but has made a thread and posted in a different thread claiming it to be a war. Never once offered any diplo just went straight to war talk.

Going to ignore your attempt at trolling me and rather ask you to challenge me next round or on a 1v1?

Wait is that sarcasm? Is this sarcasm?

pulls out his grand sarcasm detector

“No readings, sir.”

Lol i love how 76 the family who farmed every small family has something to say about me attacking a few planets from 87

Oh, that must be why everyone is yelling in here about our activities…

One person is everyone? Wow youfool is an important fella

You seem to need explanation. My post was sarcastic. I was just pointing out how flawed your statement is about us farming by saying there are so many complaining about is. We’ve been very fair this round.

Lmfao funniest lies ever told in ic

Alright, find me the families we farmed.

With wasn’t actually accusing you of farming either…nso I guess that is 0 people farming… how great of everyone!

The fact that Cells doesn’t understand how he is the problem is another symptom of why we will have a hard time making IC great again…

Yes giving naps under 10% to fams i have wared or giving free naps to all small fams and only canceling one nap is pure evil …to shame!!
I mean how could I give you a free 48hr nap for 60% of the round and give every other small fam a free nap or perm nap? How dare I! Im clearly the problem :joy:

Well, he does seem to love talking about what a wonderful person he is. Wonderful people always do that, so I have some massive doubt now.

Seems you love taking about me to blonde lol you follow fool around forum to be able to message something about me daily lol