The Big Andro 41 thread!

So! just about a day into the round! How’s everyone going?
Looks to be a fun round!

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Looks like it’s down to a 3 horse race already

anybody planning a PvC? :thinking:

How about you @I_like_pie? :laughing:

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I didn’t realize it was comedy hour!

I might do one friday or saturday night. If anyone wants to cohost


The king is always happy too :grin:

Is it at a time that would be considered reasonable for people in European timezones? :laughing:

Well, im off on friday, so i may, just may do one friday at 9am est

what 3 fams :wink:

Given up already, two inactives from the start and no real communication between fam members; only 3 in the discord. I fear that any planets I explore I will just be doing so for the benefit of an inevitable no-glory vulture.

@Funeral If you don’t want to play will you please send me everything you’re holding?
The Family needs it- Thanks :sunglasses:

Not at war, not attacking them, not really anywhere near them, not even a threat, 3m networth smaller.

Yet @Ordos234 OHs me anyway. Prick. No wonder no one plays this game anymore.

Fake news!!


Wow ordos, really low even for you

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Whats going on?

Right now funeral lost 100k gc

Future, you guys find out who the bad guys really are while ppl try to catch us!

Says you who tried to hypno me

I don’t have hypno you goober that was ordos planting false info :joy: :joy: :joy: