The balius challange

I will try draft in a crew in the next days into Balius, searching atm for good candidates. My goal is the remove everyone in Balius in record speed.

How many days will it take ?

I also expect there might be some teams forming to try make sure i dont reach my goal… :stuck_out_tongue: thats fine, couse your planets belong to me.


In balius 2 we did it in 4.5 weeks.

Someone made an account yesterday called balius haha

EDIT: 1 day could also be less than 1 day

Due to the round setup, you never technically finished

What do you mean?

There were 2 people left due to 48 hour protection. Me and someone that doesn’t have discord.

Nvm I looked back, 2 people. You must have cleared me just before the end.
EDIT: I must have joined a few ticks before 48 hours

Basicly we got screwed from T=723 onwards by late joiners that got protection from 48h rule. T771 is a nice target for airwing.


nothing has changed…same people doing the same thing over and over again.

Exactly the reason why you bothered to login and check out IC again! WCB!


T=709 Boom! @Airwing

Remaining two players are under protection from 48h rule.


T=718 All clear :sunglasses:

@I_like_pie you can end it 12 days early!

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Now if only you could do the same when morale is a factor…