The 35% nw attack restriction should not have been removed

Screw many to benifit one haha

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Yeah, I’m sure I’m the only one who’s encountered this…

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You are the only one to encounter it because everyone else designed their team around small attacker and everyone else meaty - you suck for not keeping up with the game rules. I vote to re add the 35% rule and Mado just shrinks a player.

Agreed all fams who used the rule proper and planned with it is now being punished

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The rule is being used (by some, not all) against its intention; it was not designed to be permanent size protection.

It’s original purpose was to offer protection unless a protected player attacks first, at which point retaliations can be made within a short window. This isn’t a new feature, but rather something that was lost in the morale wrangling a few years ago and was recently re-implemented. Some older players understandably expected this to work how it used to, and presumably designed their strategies around that expectation.

It’s a lose-lose situation. Right now, fams who used the rule properly are being punished. However, if we left it as is, fams who relied on the intended design would be punished.

Either way somebody is being punished. There is no decent solution until it is properly fixed, and as of now there is no ETA on that happening.

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So you decide to screw the familys who still have a round and decide to benifit the inactive familys of 2 players…awesome

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So if i grab the right end of the stick, I can now jump my low end player and have him be a second high attacker who just sits sending fleet to people all day long and makes laser traps on every planet? I prefer a small player to a laser trap player

Nope, I decided to remove a bugged feature temporarily while I fix it, knowing that people are going to be pissed if I do and pissed if I don’t. But then, what’s new? :slight_smile:


wait, temporarily? that is good to finally see

It’s in my first post lol.

I’ve never actually heard this Tom Jones song btw. Not bad.

I ignored it - just came to rant :frowning:

I mean it wasn’t even working as intended, so I don’t know how you can say I “didn’t plan right”…

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We all need to vent sometimes. Here’s a :pie: to make ya feel better!

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That is the first pie emoji i have ever seen - only ever seen cheesecake and caramel creme