Testament of the Watchers Part 2 - Mafia 71

Town Roles - The Believers

Sentry (2) - Name a name and at night, if any harmful action comes to that name, will kill the attacker. The Sentries will share a chat. Sentries cannot guard themselves, however, they can guard each other. Cannot target their previous target for 3 nights.

Watchmen (1) - Names a name, and at night, any action taken by that name is known to them. It does not stop the action

Priestess (1) - Can stop a name from being made a speaker 1x per game. Can replace that name with their own for the night phase.

Jailer (1) - Any one not casting a vote, or voting for themselves at any time can be jailed. The following day, may vote twice, denying their prisoner of their vote. The Prisoner will not be allowed a vote the next day. This action can be performed only during the day, the name voting for themselves can change it at any time to prevent themselves from being jailed. The jailer must catch them in the act.

*** Town Investigations happen based on the “Joe and the Volcano” sort of effect of the speaker ***

Mob Roles - The Unbelievers

Assassin (1) - Each night, kills a name of his choosing. They may choose the speaker 1x for game. Begins game in chat with DocFather.

Seeker (1) - Each night, will seek out those who stir in the camp. Investigates a name. If the name has a role, or has any actions upon them, all roles involved are revealed. Is immune to sentries.

Breaker (1) - Each night will target a name, in that night, any action that name takes will be stopped. They may choose the speaker 1x during the game.

Nay Sayer (1) - Each day, can silence a name from speaking. The vote for that name will not be counted.

Fanatic (1) - During the day phase will make a suicidal attack to kill a name, The Fanatic is just crazy enough that he has 25% chance to survive the attack.

Taunter (1) - At night, will name a name. If that name chosen to be the speaker, will instead cause one of the voters, to be chosen randomly, to be elected instead, may not target themselves. One time during the game, may cause the name the speaker utters to kill the target, not matter the target names disposition.

DocFather (1) - Starts with a private council. Each day and night may investigate a name. If the name is an unbeliever, will invite them to the private council. (Only way to get into mob chat as a mob). One time each game, the DocFather is immune to the Speaker’s action. Begins game with Assassin in chat.(edited)

** Plain Mob (1) - For balancing purposes, 1 plain mob exists. Starts in the chat with the DocFather.

Agents of Abbadon - The Angel of Death

Muri’el (1) - Once per night, will seize a name and ferry it to the underworld for his master Abbadon, additionally each night, will mark a living name. If this name were to have died this night by any means, will instead abscond with the name, and they will join him as an Agent of Death. Muri’el cannot kill his marked name during the night, nor may he kill any targets of the Agents of Death.

Agent of Death (0-??) - If a name is named by Muri’el, a name will be come an agent of death. Meant to ferry souls between the Earth and Sheol. Each night will kill a name, names taken in this manner cannot be marked by Muri’el


Wild Wolf
The Unknown

Prelude to the round - Change in how the Lynch is performed

At the end of the day phase, the chosen speaker(s) will come before the Most High Adonai and name a name. If that name is that of an unbeliever, the unbeliever will be killed. If that name is a believer, the speaker will be killed. In the event of a tie in the number of votes at the end of day phase, there will be no added time. All names, including tied votes, with the most votes will be elected to speaker for the following night phase

Voting for the speaker will occur in the Council of Many. Other than those wishing to assist in counting the votes, no other chat is allowed. A simple amount of leniency MAY be granted, but abuse of this will rule will result in you being immediately MOD KILLED and BANNED from the following game.

Voting will be considered proper by using the VOTE (name). Acronyms such as TR, TU, etc are recognized and will be accepted, this will be conditional with expectations that acronyms are not abused… Votes must entered into the channel before the end of the day phase. Cut off is 01:00 GMT (9 pm EST). Votes entered during the night phase will be disregarded.(edited)

The Speaker(s) are elected by the living names during the day phase. The name(s) receiving the highest votes during the day phase, are thus elected speaker for the next night phase. During the night phase, speakers must private message a name to the writer. The conditions and disposition of the speaker and names will be announced at the end of the night phase. Only living names may be voted upon.(edited)

With regards to Screenshots. Unless given express permission by the writer, no screen shots may be used at any time within the game boundaries. This includes private messages between players related to the game, its players, etc… No screenshots outside of the game are permitted in 5 Kings Chat, or Council of Many channels. Use of screen shots without express permission will result in the player being mod killed, and banned from the next game. Sorry, but, there will be no exceptions for anyone.

There should be no reason that a dead player is having any conversation with living players in regards to the ongoing Mafia game. If it is found out that you are, you will be banned from the next game that you sign up for.

Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Do not talk about the game to still active players, or post in the forum thread. This will be considered an act of influence upon the remaining players, and will get you banned from future games.

You are NOT allowed to make public the message sent you by the game moderators to tell you your role, either entirely or in part; should this happen you will be removed from the present game and possibly future editions as well. You can share what your information means, but you cannot share exact text. No copying text from admins. You may inform someone that you have investigated them and what their role is. Just no copy/pasting.

** Order of Action during Night Phase **

Mark of Muri’el

Priestess (1x/game)
Breaker on Speaker (1x/game)
Assassin on Speaker (1x/game).
Taunter on Speaker (1x/game)

Agent of Death


Testament of the Watchers II

And so it was in the final days before the flood, that the 5 Kings of Humanity gathers in plains of Azol. Bringing forth livestock, daughters and the necessities to feed the mighty appetite of Anuk, this army and the now gathering Nephilim to his camp. Though none of the Nephilim were so great as the mighty Anuk, they were tempered due to the presence of Methuselah.

But, the Human kings were vain. They were the epitome of the all that was wrong with creation. The debauchery, the gluttony, and vices were reknown. They warred with each other these days in a constant way to keep in favor of the Nephilim. A defeated warriors wives could be presented instead of their own daughters and wives, the livestock would in turn few to the Anak and his camp, instead of their own. The slaves would then add to their own slaves production.

It was in these times that Abbadon, the Watch keeper of Sheol, one of the mightiest of the Creators mighty Angels, to guard the dead and the plains leading to the cliff into the lake of fire, where Satan and his army of fallen angels and the souls of the damned, toiled in the flames. The Fallen watchers where here, Kokabel, Azaz’el and the others removed from the world. In eternal punishment.

Abbadon, made aware of the coming flood, turned forth unto the world Muri’el, the one known as the Angel of Death, who would guide souls to heaven or sheol upon death, to the Earth, to prepare for the incredible host of unbelievers that would soon fill the plains of Sheol.

And on his first night, Muri’el sought out the likes of man, for their coming death. This night, much like any other night, was different, that his mission now allowed for him to take even the believers, as well as the damned. The purging of the blight of sinful man had no place in Heaven. All were to be cleansed. So when he settled over one for the night, his purpose of why Great Adonai sought to purge the world was apparent. He found his target, engaged in combat with a Sentry of one of the villages, this assassin was no match for the well trained soldier, and while making a rush to escape the soldier, he exposed the nape of his back. A spear thrust through it with profession.

With that, the soul collected, and taken to Sheol. He contemplated that though his prey for the night, was killed, it was done so by another, with the efficiency and no remorse. Indeed, the world was ripe with this stain of Azez’el and this watcher ilk.


Swagga (The Assassin) was killed by the Sentry.

The Angel Muri’el who also targeted Swagga has taken a soul to Sheol. It now laments in the lake of fire.

Also occur this night, as the Sentry was collecting the Corpse of the assassin for burial, the second sentry came together, complaining he never got on station, someone apparently had taken his helmet, because he could not find it anywhere, and was upset thinking the first sentry had it… He was not upset any longer at the sight of the Corpse.

A Sentry was blocked


The Towns people gathers around, entering the Circle, where faithful men and women broke bread and thanks the Creator for the blessing they had. Surprising this was true, even among the most evil and wicked of mankind all about them. So, Gathering at the center of the town, during the day, they would sit waiting and watching as the various township leaders came forward suggesting pious or leader-like men and women to go up the the path on Gobal Sinai. The storms had started a few days ago, and they wanted to plead for a few dry days so the grapes would not rot, and the summer wheat threshing could begin. It had been there way from ancient times to do this in the valley, and now with some many more people here, from the gathering of the 5 kings and their armies, many new faces were present.

Several of them boasted they should be the ones to go, and some pious offering to go themselves, were pulled from the services by the Councils jailer, they were told they could not return for 2 days, and to pray for humility, as they were escorted to a building and placed in spartan like rooms with just cot, basin and water to dwell on their place in the world. Again, as was the custom. The jailer was honestly surprised to see her building as full as it was. Rarely would they have one, but since the past few days, things had been a little more intense.

So, at the time to select the Speaker to go up the hill, it was called out, only to find the nominee, spending time at the jail, so the chief priests sent acolytes to go fetch them from their cell… but, someone else was called out, and suggested, and with a brief introduction, the Chief priest acknowledge they were short on time, and, Ordos was taken in, clothed in pious vestments and sent to up the path to seek council with the Creator, Adonai.

Ordos has been supplanted to ascend as the speaker by an unknown member of the Council. The Breaker has chosen Ordos to be the Speaker.

The following have been imprisoned, and will be released at the beginning of the next night phase : Dukey, Sunstorm, Zarfy, TheBigOne. The Jailer will speak for them, tomorrow, as is the custom.


The name, Ordos, traveled for about an hour and a half climb up the mountain, to where the path ended. There is a split in the rock and the path unfolds out on to a small butte, with steep cliffs on three sides. But the top is flat, and stable. It reaches out into the air, like it were half a bridge. At the end of the butte there is a small shelter, and fire pit. Logs are neatly piled, maintained by the High Priests back at the town. Inside the structure is a small cot, and a kneeler that when occupied, lets the use look out a glass-less window into the sky.

Ordos settles in, getting the fire started, as there is a bit of a chill. Settling in for night, Ordos kneels to say his prayers. While in the midst of saying his prayers, there is a knock at the door. He gets up, with wonder about who would be knocking on the door here, on a night like this.

It is an old man. He is in a dark and very royal purple cloak. It has simple designs about it, but it looks efficient and purposeful. It has some blues, and golden threads interwoven into the fabic, giving it a bright shiney sheen quality to it. The cloak, is remarkable. The old man, is not.

He motions for Ordos to let him in, and without saying anything, the old man joins Ordos inside., inviting the old man in, he shares with him some of the bread and fruit, a cup of wine… and the two sit at the table set to the side of the small hut.

Ordos, introduces himself, to break the awkward silence. The old man nods. “Do you have a name for me?”

Ordos returns from the mountain, his hair is as if bleached white. He looks dazzling to the those who witness him returning from the mountain.


Muri’el, again given the go by Abbadon to go fetch a soul, settles over one this evening. The creatures name was ironic he though as he settled in behind him.

Soul was busy gathering wood, a midle aged man, having been in several wars, was someone feeling older today. He had recently scratched the side of this calf the other day when he was out in the pond, and had recently been somewhat infected.

His young daughter was with im as he they were collecting the small bits of dead wood for the fire tonight, and Soul had clutched his chest in massive pain. The streak running up the blood vessels in his leg must have made it to his heart. He calls for his daughter to go fetch help… she runs off.

A moment later, Muri’el guides his soul to Sheol. There to wait in the plain for judgement in the last days.

Soul has been taken by Muri’el (Soul the player, has died)


The curiousity of the one known as ZoZ was getting to him. He had to know what happened up on the mountain the night before, and while strolling casually to try to sneak up the path, he said his name while he was role playing how he was going to explain things if he was caught, while he was in the Council of Many… the jailer looked up at him and was making his way to him in haste…

He thought to himself “Oh no! How could i have been so foolish!” and started running with the Jailer in pursuit. Up the path he climbed, the rocks and pebbles were treacherous in places, and when he rounded a counter at a run, he couldn’t stop and turn fast enough and slipped and fell rolling off the path, down the incline. He could not stop his decent, and was picking up speed.

Unable to slow himself, he fell off a short cliff, landing on his back, breaking his neck and spine in many places, His legs were a mess. Sadly he thought how breaking his neck, was actually a big of grace, as he could not feel the pain.

As the jailer got to him, he expired.

ZoZ (Plain townie) has died due to deleting vote from the council channel.


Thus another day passed, and the storms were still on the horizon. The rains they left were still swelling the rivers and dykes around the farming communities. Some seeking flood relief now added to swell those in attendance at that Council of Many.

The days past, and the towns members votes and RandO and ThirdRock were voted in. As the High Priest gathered the vestments, and got to preparing them, he looked up and asked, where is ThirdRock? Someone replied, he is locked up!! The High Priest, was befuddled, no, we just can have this, we need someone now, the time of day quickens, night will be upon us… whom shall we send…

Someone from behind, pushed Ordos out from the crowd, and said “How bout him?”. One look at the stunning transformed man standing before, and he agreed, and got to preparing him for yet another journey.

Once Ordos was all prepared, he and RandO set upon the path…

The Taunter has switched a random votee on TR.

The following have been imprisoned, and will be released at the beginning of the next night phase : Third Rock, Tenme. The Jailer will speak for them, tomorrow, as is the custom.

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Ordos, sort of already having been through this once, set up the fruit and wine for the three of them at the table. Surprisingly though no one had come up here since he came down and the crazy kid who died leading up the path, there was a second kneeler in the room, looking out to the sky. Telling RandO to pray, the two set about praying…

There was a knock at the door, and Ordos opened the door. The same old man stood there, this time he was flanked by two men, wearing bright red robes, with a gold and aqua blue thread woven in, again, to give a beautiful sheen to the garment. They were both young and attractive looking men, bold chins, and muscular. As the old man entered, the two men, took up their stations to guard the door.

They closed the door, as the old man entered the room with RandO and Ordos. Sitting at the table, Ordos nodded to RandO when to introduce himself. And with some uncertainty, RandO said his name. There was a shiver of nervousness in the voice.

“So, do you have a name for me?” Looking at Ordos. A name was given. The old man, took a drink of wine. Looking at Ordos, as if through him, said, you may go. Ordos departed, and one of the two men in red, escorted him down the path. About a third of the way down, he stopped telling Ordos. “Do not look back unto this place this night. Go down among the town, and do not look back. This is the instruction the he has given you. Do you understand?”.

Ordos says “His will be done.”, nodding to the man in red, and heads down the path, he does not look back.

When he arrives at the town, it is dawn. The High Priest is awed, as as much of the crowd. Ordos has continued to be transformed. High hair the night before a greyish white, is now a pure white, his skin, the perfect tone for him. His eyes, now have a gold and blue flake to them, making them crisp and stunning to behold.

Greeting Ordos as he walked into town, the looks suddenly sad… Is there no other with you?

Ordos says, “I alone was sent”. The High Priest is saddened by this.

“Well, come with me, lets get you out of those vestments.”

Ordos has returned again from the path

RandO has not yet returned

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As it is that time, Abbadon gives the nod to Muri’el to head out again. He heads towards the town, and nearing the town see his agent and appears to him. Muri’el says, this is your first nite, are you ready? The agent nods.

Like two seeking sharks about their prey, they circle around a women, cloaked in all black, who carries a lantern to guide her way. The Agent knows who this individual is, and has seen them about the town. Muri’el settles in behind her, reaching out, her soul is his. She falls to the earth, where he stood. A look of peace upon her face.

“This one was good, she goes to Heaven!” Muri’el says with satisfaction.

“So is that all I have to do?” says the agent?

“No, the ones who are damned will fight. They know themselves and judge themselves. Those may choose to fight you. Those meant for purgatory will go reluctantly. They are saved, but what awaits them to be purified is unsettling. Sometimes they are reluctant upon seeing it…” After a pause, “ So, are you prepared?”

“I am” says the agent, shortly a moment later, a sentry of the town is taken in the same way. A look of peace upon his face.

They ferry them to Heaven this day, both pleased to have found men and women of faith in such a torrid place.

Goddess (Watchmen) has died by SK

Jets (Sentry) has died by SK

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Mid day, as people were assembled to vote in the Council of many, a man appeared walking down the path, it was RandO! They all were in awe at the transformation. His hair, transformed white, in the same way Ordos had…

At this time, someone was screaming for help, HyrdoP was clutching his chest, face in agony, but dead as a door stop. His family and servants wailing in greif about him.

HydroP (Seeker) has died from being named by the speak

RandO has returned down the path

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On the Third day, a festive air about the town immerged. Children were playing, jesters and jugglers, men tossing swords between each other. The gathering was made to help take the edge off the recent deaths around town. First the middle aged man who had a heart attack, the unknown assassin stopped by the sentry, who was then later found dead. It had been a lot, and despite the cheer of the children, there was also a solemnity about those who voted. Shifting eyes, to see reactions when votes were cast, then to just have those votes cast. Even a couple ran out, saying its over, one of whom the High Priest chased after encouraging him not to just give up.

So, the voices in the Council were this way and that on the voting. Hours upon hours. Votes this way, then that… and soon names were finally agreed on. The High Priests first asked if any of them were in jail, and they stepped forward. He snidely quipped something about progress for once. Unfortunately, he only had 2 vestments prepared. He swears there was a third, but there is zero trace of it. He asks KT to wait outside. Complaining “its always something these days… so annoying”

Leading the new speakers to the vestibule to change, he gave instructions and, with sort of a parade like affair, lead them to the path… where they began their climb.

The town still celebrated, and later in the day, a file of horse back soldiers from one of the 5 kings rode into town. They were wrecked, swords, broken twisted, shields snaped, one even look like it had a bite mark in it. They said they were riding north to flee from the battle with the Watchers and Nephilim a day and a half ride south. He said Watchers lost, and that things were not looking for, the remaining watchers were seiging the Nephilim camp, but there was more of a air that they were just trying to contain them.

The towns folk cooked and provided for them gave him medical care, and listened to the stories of the battle. Some wanted to enlist, and went home to gather their gear, horses and riders prepared. Those without horses were given riderless horses, those still left without horse were turned away. The say that if you dont have a swift mount, you will just be trampled by the Nephilim. They can not remember ever hearing of such a gathering. Something is a foot.

Later in the evening, the smell of smoke drifted up from the south. The sun reflecting off clouds to the south with an amazing array of rose colors.

It was true. War was looming. Floods were coming. It seemed for just a moment, like the end of the world was coming.

At the summit, when they reached the summit, just before the setting of the Sun, there ahead, on the ledge of names, an old man waved to them.

Melsfreefallin and Tishxo have been elected to Speaker

Nay sayer cancelled KT’s vote

MrBlonde (Plain Townie) was deleted for infraction in voting channel

The Encamped army fleeing the battle of the Nephilim have left 2 Sentries on guard this night. They will be randomly placed about the town.

A new assassin has shown up

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Muri’el went to collect this Agents after Abbadon dispatched him to seek out souls for the night. His new agent was waiting where he expected, down near the docks on Lake Azol where all the fishing boats could port. It smelled like a fish market, which hadnt been cleaned in a while, well, because it hadn’t. There were gulls flying all over the dock areas, and added to the flith, coating everything in a fine white. But, it was also vibrant. This night, workers were cleaning and scrubbing the docks, washing the fish guts into the water, and the Dock Master who was often jokingly called the DocFather, as everyone working here was about half his age. Sharks would circle wantingly where the fish remains would be washed over every night, also fighting and eating the mullet and other game fish eager for the easy meal. It was laborious work to do this, and the exertion by those working the docks meant most had a fine physique. Sadly, that was not true of the DocFather, so when he haunched over, clutching his chest, everyone was quick to spring to his aid, it was not enough…

The DocFather (Aka You Fool) has been taken to the Lake of Fire by an Agent.

Muri’el continued on, and was sad to see Ordos lying face down at the place they were to meet this night. A spear rising as if a flag pole from his back. Collecting the soul, he headed to Sheol with the soul.

The assassin has claimed an Agent of Death (Ordos)

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High a top the mountain, the three of them, were sitting around the table, the two had been busy telling the old man stories of the town, current events, all that was going on. With graciousness he listened to their stories, and it seemed like an eternity that the night went on. It felt like the two of them were family and talking as if to an old grandfather, or great uncle. Someone who they had known their entire lives, and he seemed to know things and events of day past of them they had only just remembered when he mentioned it… So, as it was getting late, he, paused and looked to each of them, and said, “So, do you have a name for me?”. He nodded as the two names were past. Looking at Tishxo he said, “You can go, I have need to talk more with this one for a bit longer. Good night child.” Tishxo left the fire which they had sat for a majority of the evening. Clearing with her, the plates and cups of wine she’d brought out from the small hut… She climbed into bed, and fell fast asleep to the sounds of the two of them continuing to talk and laugh, with their stories being told on and on… When she woke in the morning, it was only her. Saddened, she knew why. The young lady had seemed very kind and good. And the old man, gentle. She got the feeling she must have been in a better place. So, after cleaning up the bed, and dishes, she headed down the path.

Tishxo has returned

Melsfreefallin (plain townie) did not.

The Taunter (Wild Wolf) has died, his name spoken.


As a new sentry for the town, he knew all the layout, but not really where to go, and what to do… So, he was basically standing there, with in armor, spear and shield, looking lost… Or well he must have, because someone barked out at him, “hey are you lost?”. Admitting that he wasnt lost, just didnt know where he should be, they settled into a conversation for the evening. The man was shouting out a window from teh second floor of a building , so he never saw him, but it certainly helped the night pass…

A sentry was blocked

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The towns folks settled in nicely, and again the High Priest was busy preparing the vestments for the speakers to wear. He set 2 of his acolytes on guard to make sure one didnt walk off, another acolyte had returned from the jail to report the cells empty. He had found a few extra figs this morning for breakfast, so he felt everything was running tip top shape. He was proud of his acolytes, they had all been scoring very well on their tests today, it just was going great. So, when the town got together, to tally the votes, he went to the box to call out all the names, as was the custom.

Tenme, one of the local young men was elected, and so he was called to the vestibule to prepare for his climb… This surprised the towns folk, and caused them much distress. He wasn’t about to let these people ruin his day, so he walked over to the box and dumped it out on the table. And his count was right. Those claiming to vote for Melvin were shocked, as there were more people standing there, than the votes tablets. So, their presistance was utterly annoying, so he dismissed them, and despite their continued insistance, they were eventually shooed out of the temple.

So it came to pass, the High Priest went back into the vestibule of prepared Tenme for his assent. Having given him final instruction, the army and townsfolk parted a path as Tenme was led up to the path, where with a bright smile, and assurances he would do his best he set out upon the path.

The Naysayer has blocked a vote

Tenme has been elected Speaker

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At the summit, Tenme was kneeling in the hut, when there was a knock on the door, as it was said it would be. Opening the door, he was greeted by an old man, cloaked in a royal purple. He had heard the stories before, and was in awe. He immediately dropped to his knees and began praising him. The old man, let him go on for a minute, and then said “its ok child, please take a seat, lets talk, shall we.”

After seating at the table, the old man grabbed some fruit and two cups of wine, and placed one in front of Tenme. The two of them got to talking, and it seemed like hours. Tenme, felt as if he’s spent the past hours talking to his long past grand father. But, as the conversation slowed down, the old man, sat back in his chair, arms up behind his head, sort of like he were stretching, and said “So, do you have a name for me?”

Tenme has returned from the mountain

The_Unknown (The Breaker) has died.

The assassin, stalked about the town, and having a good vantage on this guy, took up his bow and arrow, and took a moment to aim… It was a skillful shot, through the next, crushing the voice box, and severering the arteries in the neck. No sounds were made as the man died, quietly that night.

Melvin (Plain Townie) has died from the Assassin.

Muri’el, again, went out this night among the world of man, he found is agent, ready and anxious this evening. After a very brief greeting, a soul was chosen. Sleeping quitely in his bed, was an older man, perhaps 45, which was uncommonly old in these days, he caughed, as though with fever. He had a wet cloth on his head, to cool himself. He died with a peaceful look about it.

Dukey (Plain Townie) has died from an Agent of Death

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Once again, the Townies gathered, the Rains, have been increasing, and much of the low lands around Lake Azol have been flooded, more and more people came to town to seek shelter, and relief from the cold rains.

The army, has encamped on the hill on the north side of the town, overlooking the roads north and south. The smoke continues from the south, riders north continue to trickle in, saying the Watchers have Anak and his wildmen surrounded, but everything is sort of in a stand still. Something about a man who Anak is talking to. The killing for now, is mostly just two sides of watchers fighting each other. Later in the day, a second kings army rides in from the south. They make statements that extra food, sheep and women are demanded. At spear point, they “gather” a few dozen sheep and a couple cows, goats and a couple of the prettier women. Only one man was hurt when he challenged the soldiers from taking his daughter. She held a knife to her throat demanding they leave him alone or their prize would kill herself…

Only after a few dozen more men, including a couple of the towns well armed sentries arrived on the scene, that they pulled back. But in the end, they headed south in carts with the livestock in tow. They said it was to to be used to stop Anak and his army from rampaging, as was agreed in the peace agreement after the battle. Those that had heard or known of Anak willing parted with their livestock.

This made the climate at the countil of many rather tense. Soliders from the 1st king had gathered in small groups to watch the affair, and they started placing bets on who was to be elected. Several of the shadier towns folk partook, telling them who this was or that. The soldiers were the only ones making much noise or laughter. A stark difference from a few days earlier.

So, as they counted the tablets, a few last minute voters showed up and stuffed the ballot boxes, claiming they wanted to save their families, and we inspired to vote… So finally when all was voted upon, there again was a shortage… but the High Priest, having been unable to determine how the missing tablet disappeared said, in the end… “We have two, that’s enough, get them ready”, in which the acolytes then set about preparing them in their vestments. After he pass along their instructs, the two of them began to climb the path.

Oldie and Rizzy have been elected as speakers

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Again, as the speakers took their position on the kneelers, there came a knock at the door. An old man, flanked by a group of winged Angels was there. Shocked, Oldie and Rizzy both feel to the floor in homage. It took the old man a few minutes to coax them to stand, and take their place at the table. Rizzy, was a little more stubborn, so he whispered to him, tell me your name, so you may go. Rizzy looked up with eyes wide with awe, and said the name. With a nod, he sprinted back down the path…

Then Oldie and the old man, took a few minutes, shared the fruit, and cup of wine. It wasnt until the wine was gone that Oldie settled down into a conversation with Him. He kept blurting out one word here or there, and was somewhat incoherent, until the wine took its effect. After a few hours, Oldie shared his choice of name. With a smile, he told Oldie to get some sleep and head back in the morning. As he left, 2 angels took up station on the door. It was the most comforting sleep of Oldie’s life that night.

Rizzy ran down the path, it wasnt for about a hour, before he slowed down, totally exhausted. He was out of breath, so went into the a tavern to collect himself, some food and drink. He was on such an adrenline rush having witnessed what he did, and was coming down off that rush. But he had other work to do. Muri’el was to meet him in the western square of town, so he headed there, but on the way, he stumbled upon his target for the night, so he tried to take it upon himself, so he reached out like Muri’el had taught him, but nothing happened.

That was when the Sentry saw him. Barking out, “Citizen! Hold!” Rizzy in confusion, just broke, he ran, the sentry in pursuit… It was dark now in the alley and streets of town, and when he ran around a corner, there was an old women there sweeping the trash out of her house int othe street so that the night sweepers could collect the trash, as was custom. He didnt see the banana peel as he rounded the corner…

Down he went, slamming into the wall there the intersection of the alley teed… . Snarling, but with a twisted ankle, he could not run, so took up the broom from the women, who had come over to help him, until she realized why it was he was running, as the sentry rounded the corner… Seeing Rizzy assulting the women, he thrust his spear…Rizzy fell, to the floor, dead before he landed. As the spear went thru his neck…

Oldie has returned.

Rizzy was killed as Agent of Death by Sentry

Muri’el traveled again to the seeking his agent, only to arrive a moment before Rizzy slipped. With sadness he watched the events unfold, and as Rizzy was speared, he reached out and took his soul. With sadness, he went on to the other target he had for the night, and while traveling was surprised to see a person of interest sprawled on the ground, clutching his chest.

There upon the ground was Tenma, a wicked man. He had killed efficently the night before, and was actually a possible someone he might have considered on another night, but not this one. He took Tenma’s soul. Ready to take it to the lake of fire… . And on he went, to his last target for the evening… .

Tenma (Assassin) has been named by a speaker.

Muri’el came to the Jail. It was night, so aside from a guard or two, the empty cells didnt need much in the way of guarding. So, they napped. He took the old Jailer, as was her time. The drinking every night finally having taken effect on her liver. She looked at peace, though with a slight tinge of yellow from the perpetual jaundice. .

Muri’el has taken Tishxo (Jailer) to Heaven

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The rains had finally reached the city this day, nothing too drenching, but the roads were full of puddles, the dykes and cisterns filled to capacity quickly. Usually considered a boon, but to have them fill in about a day, was not too common an event. The old folks talked about only happening a dozen times in all their years. Mind you, most of the old folks were in their forties…, but, that said, the crowd one again gathered. Names were taken, tabulated, and with such a small handful of people, the High Priest was proud to finally have an official count with no mockery of their customs. He felt this was a good omen. . So, dressing Oldie up in the vestments again, the crowd passed on their pleas for him to share with Adonai, and as he collected them, he placed them in a satchel and with little more fanfare, headed back up the path. The path was wet, but not slippery, and he climbed it with ease. . As he climbed the rain turned into a hard down pour, the skies were darker, as night began to settle in. After reaching the hut, and settling in, drying off and kneeling, within moments, there was a knock again at the door.

Opening it, he greeted the old man with a wide smile, and warmly invited him in. After helping his dry off, and get settled, he poured the wine, and shared the fruit. The began to talk. . He spoke of the flooding in the north, and how the lake was no highest it had been since he’d seen it, that the fishermen were pleading for calm winds, so they may again cast their nets out. He spoke of the farmers, how their beasts were mired in the mud, the fields covered in water, the grapes for the wine were saturated, and they feared they might loose a few of the vineyards. It went on, for almost an hour, Oldie, methodically shared all the towns peoples pleas, and their prayers.


After a moment, the Old man, finished reading all the tablets, his face sad, his hands trembled. Tears in his eyes. He said this, “When I created the world, I took from it the some of the finest pieces to gather man together. I took the eyes of crab, Skeleton from the Great Apes, fingers of bats… parts you don’t even know about from all the world. From the world i formed you. You have been my children, for I have known you since before you were born…”

Oldie, sat there is awe. Wanting to write all this down, but the Old man, stopped him. "No, my young one, that is for another to do. I wanted you to know that I love every one of you, since before the sun shined in the sky…

Once i gave you the most splendid garden, it provided all, no flood, no disease, it was simple. As you know, the first ones did not listen. Instead of receiving the blessings i wanted to give them, they pridefully took. There was nothing special about that tree, or its fruit. It was that man wanted to seize, to take, and so I cast them out.(edited)

Today, it is no different, the Sons of Adam, have gone out into this great world, given to them after the garden, and instead of receiving the new blessing i wished to give them, took up the sword. Soon, they looked at one another without love, but lust, envy, and they began to kill. My child, the world now seized all the blessings of this world. And those exceptions to this world are few, and I have chosen some to continue. Many from this village will be saved… many not." .

It was sobering to hear, Oldie, just a simple man, to hear the confession of the Almighty, of his love for us, and how he is betrayed. He stoically, takes in the rest of the evening with the old man, who finally gets up, and prepares to head out into the rain… He stops, turning, and says, “So, do you have a name for me?”

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/614665270669082664/627655844628135946/night-rain-skies-water-weather-2048x1152-wallpaper.png .

The name spoken, the old man heads out into the rain… and the storms begin to build. Thunder, lightning, the rains…

Oldie rests at the summit, in the hut, in the rain.

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