Terra Round Two

Tick Speed - 15 mins
Starting Resources - 50x
Minimum Planets Per System - 2
Maximum Additional Planets per System - 0
Morale - Classic
IA - Strongly discouraged
Market Delay - None
Attack Delay - 48 tics
Number of Cores - 0
Max Number of Defense Stations - 3
Galaxy Run Time - Friday June 8th 15:00GMT - Weds June 13th 15:00GMT
Families - 6
Family Size - 2
Draft spots per family - 2


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I know this is a short window before the round starts but really it is only 12 players. Will consider delaying a day if it is not filling up in time.

Public Registration is Open

Existing players can join here.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can join here.

Only two spots left! I will likely give Terra a rest during the first few rounds of the IC tourney so get in now if you want to play.

gg’s everyone.

hi pickle

Hey hey DK