Terra, feedback

Is there any chance the rules for Terra would change in the future, so that players who join have a certain grace period to build? Because I’ve just decided I’m done with Terra unless something like that is implemented. It feels too much like a game of chess where the opponent destroys you before you even make your first move. Why bother playing?

To be that player that makes destroys the other before they make their first move

(although this time I was on the receiving end, unfortunately)

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I think part of the issue is that in Terra this round people were getting knocked at as they would normally do in a HC gal.

Then some would rejoin and start opping those that killed them off but be protected for 48 ticks from attacks.

The only recourse is to op them back and destroy resources as soon as people joined to stop this.


The round is done anyways. Lets just call them boredom ops :joy::joy:

here is my objective feedback to terra:

15 min ticks is too fast, for sutch a small map, with a small amount of players. - with 15 min ticks we were able to kill of an entire fam while the players of enemy fam were sleeping. i think 30 min ticks would maybe change that , we would have spent double the time killing the fam, alowing players to log on, maybe build and station soldiers as defence etc etc.

i hope we mange to fill up Ultimate, as this galaxy is hardcore, big map, hidden map. Teams should in theory be able to build a base, get up defenses and stay in the game if they are active and play with their teammate. The setup is designed for teams to be able to compete, and not only the most active fams. Uou should be able to infrawhore and core play here now with race attack bonus working in defence. I hope this is the perfect galaxy for those who want freedom to attack/op none stop or infra for the win!



I agree for the most part AW. I’d say about 50% were awake while we were killing them off and just couldn’t do anything about it haha. And the ones that were sleeping more than likely would have been just as helpless. 15 min ticks are too fast for the map size though. Also, more competition and players would help.

I think ultimate will be more competitive since it’s two people fams and one hour ticks. Not sure i’ll have time to play this round of Ultimate though :laughing:

u better play wolf! take a slow round

I was reading my OP above and feeling like I was a bit harsh and judgmental, so I apologize for that. What I should be focusing on is improving my playing skills. :grin:

Hey, it’s all valid, no worries.

Some lessons were definitely learned here, and will be taken into account so we can provide @Picklearmy and others with the ability to make more balanced rounds.

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