Team Draft

We need a mechanism for players to draft teams ahead of time for a more direct and sports-like competition.

This will likely not be something that Milky Way uses, but will be available for a second galaxy for players who prefer more structure.

This will support and also automate the experience we had for #milky-way-57.

My thought on this would be for full draft farms for the elite galaxy… can have clans outside gameplay, supported in forums somehow… special clan forum like a fam forum… clan can put forward one or more rosters (max 3?) To be accepted into gal… fill dam spots on a first come first served basis but only 1 fam per clan… any empty fam spots filled with 2nd or 3rd clan fans on same first come first served basis…

Players in clan determine who is in a clan fam based on their own governance structure… new players can be recruited from clan based fam in MW or other galaxy… also may be some sort of recruitment office where players can request to join a clan

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Pick leaders and make it a snake draft first pick goes first then in second round goes last

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@rizz that sounds closer to the old saggy D (or draco) playground setup… I don’t think that really suits a clan based approach as people could change teams each round… I feel that style has its place, but not as a clan based approach