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My enemy has guarded a key system with a defense station.

What is the best strategy to go about removing them and destroying the DS?

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A lot of that really depends on Family Readiness: Are all the planets portalled, how matched are you as families, are all the planets heavily lasered? If so then I would resort to using Ops and Spells to destroy them by Sabotage, and disrupt portals with Create Portal Force Field first. And then assuming you have enough fleet in the proper amounts, you’ll be able to Destroy The DS!!
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Don’t teach anyone, anything

This is how you play now.


NIce try at discrediting me, but this is literally what I said to the family:

" Message from our Leader

Swagga~Saturday 8/14/2021 1100Zulu: @everyone If you are not really playing in this fam this round anymore then plz send me all your cash and ress, and then don’t log in for 72 hrs. I will kill you off so you don’t have to log in and someone active can come in and play out the round. Thank you. If you are playing then we should play as a team. We can still climb the ranks if we play smart."

that’s a fair message I guess

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Just so you are aware you can remove them after 48hr inactivity instead of waiting for a 72hr timer. ,fair msg …inactives get removed always

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