Swagga's Academy

Sooo, you want to learn how to play Imperial Conflict? Well you’ve come to the right place…

      Hello, everyone!! I'm The Nefarious Swagga- I'm Glad to meet you!

So now there’s a QuickSpot where you can learn, and ask questions, and hopefully get the answers you seek- Good Luck:


My enemy has guarded a key system with a defense station.

What is the best strategy to go about removing them and destroying the DS?

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A lot of that really depends on Family Readiness: Are all the planets portalled, how matched are you as families, are all the planets heavily lasered? If so then I would resort to using Ops and Spells to destroy them by Sabotage, and disrupt portals with Create Portal Force Field first. And then assuming you have enough fleet in the proper amounts, you’ll be able to Destroy The DS!!
I’m Magic :sunglasses:

Don’t teach anyone, anything

This is how you play now.


NIce try at discrediting me, but this is literally what I said to the family:

" Message from our Leader

Swagga~Saturday 8/14/2021 1100Zulu: @everyone If you are not really playing in this fam this round anymore then plz send me all your cash and ress, and then don’t log in for 72 hrs. I will kill you off so you don’t have to log in and someone active can come in and play out the round. Thank you. If you are playing then we should play as a team. We can still climb the ranks if we play smart."

that’s a fair message I guess

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Just so you are aware you can remove them after 48hr inactivity instead of waiting for a 72hr timer. ,fair msg …inactives get removed always


Lol The Swaggass Academy is a meme- but you Son are a piece of work. Don’t send me anymore friend requests. I’m allergic to phony people.

I don’t care what it is your still a Swaggass and i would never want you to be my friend in any lifetime :face_vomiting:

My Super Swaggass Thanks you- have a nice life!

Just kind of stirring the pot since I don’t know what has happened and the back story but …

At least swagga tries :wink: no point in bashing a page where new members can get advice, more vets should take note and do the same. Good for you swagga and shame on you pitbull for bashing it. :joy:

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If you don’t know the back story then ask before you try to shame me Mr Cells

Back story isn’t needed when speaking about the “academy” what happened isn’t the issue or point my point was at least he is trying to help newbies learn we should not bash him for having a spot where new players can ask questions.

You mentioned the back story and i would not advise anyone who is new that wants to learn how to play IC should not listen to anything Swaggass has to say or they will be getting information from a man who has no clue. I respect this post more if you had created it

Attack me, attempt to defame me, humiliate me or whatever, so you can think you’re big. Talk trash & blacklist me- for what?
If a player asks a question they can come post and anyone who knows the answer can respond. Debate about it if you want, but at least you can come somewhere and ask.
Otherwise how else are players going to learn, and expand IC?
Seriously- you can keep the childish antics & comments to yourselves

I don’t have to deal with anything, Thats why i kicked your Swaggass out of our family for being a lame duck leader who went rogue cancelled 2 naps and declared war We have declared war on Squid Game (7694).
NAP Cancellations
Our relations with :droplet:︎:droplet:︎ (7697) have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 70 turns.
Our relations with Fam 93 (7693) have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 70 turns.

Don’t get me wrong you are a nice guy but your decision making is horrible and i would hate to see any new player follow your lead when you raid a banker for 15 planets without tell us your plan just because you lost 2 planets. We were totally unprepared and in turn our banker got raided and never logged back in. Nothing more for me to say.

No guts, No glory. Trust me. You and Orbit got what you deserve.

Now go fix yourself