Swagga don't like me and i don't care lol

Don’t worry, I knew you were Shiesty from the start!
Tell your half the galaxy to suck my High Yellow Convictions
Eat Shit
And Die.
Thank you :smiley:

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Niganati of Apocalypse (#7226)

No but if you keep fkn with me I’m going to scar you for life so you neva forget me


Niganati of Apocalypse (#7226)

You are just chock full of clichés and drama, are you not? lol
Next time you come looking for trouble you’ll know, “I’m The ONE”.

You got the Right One Baby

You two are cute. When’s the wedding?

I never thought i was cute thanks for the compliment lol

As soon as he overstands I’m his Superior

That’s possibly the weirdest proposal ever…!

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Jesus @Swagga it’s just a game mate, need to chill out

Then you’ll be married to the Streets- you’ll have a ring, a ghetto pass, and all the spiked Kool Aid you can drink, with your Magella looking self.
And you Mr. Peebles Funeral :fire: :sunglasses: :fire:
Then again maybe Rodney King with that, can’t we all get along trash.
You guys should learn how to take a joke and lighten up- it’s only trash talk

“Eat shit and die” lol great banter mate. Grow up

Glad you like it, kid. You may not be old enough to overstand the concept of mutual respect so I’ll just overlook that asinine comment. Too bad you had to drag yourself into it.

You’re a child mate


@Funeral Sure, Kid- Whatever you say…


So I read this and thought to myself, that Swagga guy seems like a bit of a dick. But Swagga, I apologise for feeling that way. This dog guy launched an unprovoked attack on me, verbally offered a NAP to my VL, then attacked some me more, rejected the NAP, verbally offered a NAP again and then declared war on us.

This isn’t how we played back in the day, maybe that’s one of the issues.

Anyway, I wish you all success.

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