Surrender button vote requirement

The more I think about it the more I get confused.

We had a full family in andro, 3 people surrendered, but none more, as everyone else was still asleep.

Shouldn’t that be atlest 50%? Or 75%?

Maybe it isn’t a bug and I just don’t know how it works :grin:


3/9 surrendered.

Maybe 4/9 if the newbie that just joined also did.

That’s still not half :thinking:

When I clicked surrender it said there were 5 active family members (we had 8). Maybe it was bugged to show only 5 online at the time? Maybe that’s been fixed with the always logged in update?


It works on > 50% of active members, so it is possible that not everybody in the family needs to vote.

We just re-fixed the logout timer bug though, which may have an impact here too. I’ll double check.

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FYI it wouldn’t change the outcome, others would have also voted. So I’m not looking for anything to have changed for that aspect of it.
I just wanted to make sure it worked as it should incase it happens again and it wasn’t an entire family agreeing :slight_smile:


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0 of 4 empires needed have voted to surrender.

Your family has 7 active empires, and requires 4 votes to surrender.

we’ve got 9 active players tyvm, why does it show 7 active empires? we’ve got 7 players that voted for a leader, is that where the active empires come from? what I’m asking is: what’s the definition of an active empire @I_like_pie

It should be time-based on the last 48 hours, but appears to be bugged. I’m looking into it now.

That could be an interesting concept of it. We only had a small amount who voted for a leader

This has been fixed.

Thanks @TheBigOne, @Lord_Pickle, and @Rawrr for the info.

Thank you @Zanharim for helping to test the fix.



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