We need supernova back, full ss no teamates no market. Simple rely on yourself. Running along side mantha and a family galaxy. Give players options again.


It’s in the works, just wanted a round with new setup first.


I reckon this “we” you are referring to is some form of self-proclaimed royal-plural…

Is this you over thinking things again and making something more or different then what it needs to be.


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It is :rofl: i just miss what I consider a real ss galaxy. I don’t think it should remove the current galaxies though as i feel there important. Even single ss supernova with market and allies i do not care I would just the the option again, it was fun.

Yea, I’m not a big fan of Supernova, but there are quite a lot people that really enjoyed it before.
I don’t think it can hurt to open it again

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I think this is something that would help out in the long run. Some rounds I just wanna chill and not deal with others and play it out. Other rounds, ya, lets get a group going and do some shit.

I don’t think it would ever hurt to have both going at the same time and give us the option to do both, or make it a VIP thing like back in the day if you wanted to play 2 galaxies, not opposed to that either.


Supernova qezians please