Supernova 37 Review

To help us assess future rounds, let’s hear from you what you thought of this round in general.

Please keep it constructive, and the more specific the better! :slight_smile:

Here are some points to start with, but feel free to add anything you want:

  1. What was your least favorite part of the round?

  2. What was your most favorite part of the round?

  3. If you had 1 wish for the next round in this galaxy, what would it be?

Thank you!

Least favorite? Setting up to attack someone and getting grouped into an NAP

Favorite? getting grouped back up with people so being smaller didnt completely ruin my round.

Wish? nullify all NAP’s upon merge. Spending a little time getting shares just to be grouped into a fam that has an NAP with that fam was really a bummer.

Wish: don’t ever make it so that you van change leader of a Fam that survives in this concept.
If your Fam survives you stay lead as it’s your original Fam.

Also shit on IA. Don’t make them legal. If you make that legal just allow multy accounts…

  1. one sissy player rizzy going beyond standart IA. Killing your own family, moving out DS’s, giving shares/info to enemies about your own blood… that’s not fair in any kindof circumstances.

  2. Manipulating that cry baby to help us win, was fun. Others wanted me to mark Rizzy rogue from start, but i knew wed loose that way, so we made an act that we forgive him :slight_smile: and took his money to kill enemy fam

  3. ALL naps canceled after every merge, and public statement before final merge, smth like : YOur fam might be split up, Prepare to fight even your own fam members, no hard feelings

  1. Least favorite part was watching paytimer and horde hit small fries and think they were good

  2. Favorite part was teaming up with Josh and beating everyone as revalons and pax

  3. Don’t have leaders if possible so no one can be marked rogue or inactive and no naps

In conclusion this was a lot of fun. Best part was how much fleet I wasted attacking as revalons

Also my mvp off the round would be easyway aka catch he is a really good attacker

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Least favorite: Splitting up from fam members I had a good thing going with.

Favorite: Making it to the next merge!

Wish: I wonder if it would be technically possible to have draft merges, so that people who want to stay together can. I imagine it would still be limited because hard choices might need to be made, but it would still allow at least some people to stay together if they want to.

your kidding as i told before every n00b can attack with he get hughe aid

True I had to attack all round with a huge fleet since I was revalons until the last merge then I just chilled out and you fed me planets.

Least favourite part, paytimer dropping networth on merg whilst insisting everyone else save to jump before. Cheeky git.
No hard feelings pay your tactic nearly worked!

Favourite part, joining paytimers fam after merg and getting to play with pong, paytimer, catch and gain… then taking paytimers planets only for hord to smash my figs literally 2-4 tick after I built them😂.

My wish for next round or future rounds less moaning :joy::joy::joy:k

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