Supernova 36 review

Hello Neverland!

Before we start another round of Supernova and do the next round setup votes, I want some feedback

  • What do you think could be done better? What would you keep, or drop from the last round?

  • More planets maybe, or less?

  • Map size? Bigger or smaller?

  • Starting e-ship # good? should this be voted on also!

  • Any other idea’s? Please remember, the faster you let me know, the faster I can get another galaxy set-up!

Poll will be set-up as soon as I get enough feedback here!

THANKS for playing SN 36 and I hope to see you in SN 37!

I’m good with all the setups but one and that’s where the biggest empires are allowed to attack the smallest empires. What happened to the old days where you couldn’t attack anyone smaller than 35% unless at war then 25%?

That was my only problem with that galaxy, otherwise great to be back.


Boring round. Small systems allowed me and a big pax to completely control the round as of week 2 because of an early lead.

More planets needed to give oppenents some critical mass and spread.

At the moment the only ones i won’t blow up planets on are ranked 2 and 3…

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be adjusting where we can for the next one.

The setup polls thread is up for Supernova 37: