Supernova 34 Final Rankings



Congrats to @SCORP and team!

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thanks lightguns… you did very well too … a tough nutt that never got cracked… but you was so busy aiding out to rest of ur team that you couldnt do much with yourself… hats off to you sir

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I missed the last 36hrs and forgot to send my 120 eships and trigger my retakes haha o well. Was fun even with all the late arrivals into the war to try and break me.

Agreed scorp lg could have done a lot better if he didnt have to fund rookie and the other small memeber so much. He did fund me once when i killed myself haha …hint everyone dont play ic wile driving and make sure you actually clicked the fig button and not just beside it haha sucked when i triggerd 2m droids and 0 figs then realised what i did but lg saved me.

Was fun great job all and again pie we need dreamweaver back

I had a good time, wasn’t as prolific I wished I had been, bad timing and such was fun round.