Starting ressource pool?

So MTG brought up something to this effect in his podcast tonight and I wanted to hear everyone thoughts. The idea is a round where every fam has the same exact resources I was thinking of a starting resources pool which would then be divided amongst the players in the fam…how this would exactly work I’m not sure. It is an interesting idea though.

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1 issue - what happens with new players joining

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Someone else suggested it in the chat but if each player started with say 10x resources then the remaining 90x or however much to make the desired total is put into a family pool. New recruits still get some start resources but have to show activity to get more from the family.

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What happens when a new person joins you a few days into the round when your already in full swing? You aid them.

Yes but your now making this a 100% team game so be prepared to take away the appeal from a % of the population.

Just being devils advocate but each change is a risk . I think everyone playing looks at ways to make things better for the people playing . That’s not hat we need.

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Fam based gals are team based… bring back SN for solo SS

Also, is part of the responsibility of the leader, ensure everyone has he right resources to allow that player to play the way that causes them fun… if that manner of fun doesn’t sit with the leader or fans vision of the game then the leader should find them a family which will suit the player and work with whoever to get them moved


oh didn’t know we were allowed to shop players around…

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Not really, but if it helps to place a new or SS focused player in a fam that they can have fun in then sure…

Note this is not replacing the player in the first fam… just moving a player out

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I would admit the ss player in fam based gal does slow down the fam…but if they are logging in every day more then once then I don’t mind. That means they trying.

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It isn’t ideal, but workable… esp. If they get in chat and work with the family

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Why not a % base gain of the starting resources for the round that will refil to 100% at 48 hr mark.

So if a fam is down a man yeh the new player that joins tick 3 will only get 3 ticks of the tick/48 of resources.

If someone is inactive and killed off at 48 hr mark the new joiner will get full resources.

I think this round proved that the starting resources doesn’t make a fam over powered after being down 8 ships a day.