SS Galaxy Rules of Engagement

It’d be good if we could have some rules of engagement similar to the 1st clan wars. That had potential, when you take the over complicated scoring system out of it. In this galaxy the winning condition is still most planets at EoR. If there’s interest I might try and create a much simpler scoring system for another attempt at a full draft clan wars style round. For now I’ve tried to come up with something that provides a hardcore battleground from the start for those that want to fight, and gives infrachill and new players somewhere relatively safe for a while.

Who would agree to play by these rules:

Exploration phase:

  • Arm systems are out of bounds to other families
  • Outer ring systems can only be occupied by families in adjacent sectors - no attacking
  • Inner ring systems can only be occupied by families in adjacent sectors - attacking allowed
  • Singularity systems anything goes

Battle phase:

  • Arm and outer ring systems can only be attacked by families in adjacent sectors
  • Inner ring and singularity systems anything goes

The map wrap issue with this galaxy design is fixed. The arms and rings are clearly defined. The arms extend through the rings. No excuse for ‘accidentally’ attacking the wrong planet! These rules can only be enforced by all of the players doing the right thing. Anyone breaking them needs to be called out and shamed in a dedicated shaming discord channel. We need incentive to keep players around. The old ways are just plain broken.

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I like the idea of the arms being for those families only. You should be good enough players to keep those clear of others fams anyway IMO :wink:

I just feel like there needs to be more systems in the middle to have the no attacks on the inner/outer ring rules. Looking at the map there will only be 20 systems in the middle and 5 systems on the outter core to actually attack in/for. Once a family has all 20 systems too (which will happen as they are all 1/2 tickers) there will be no change there as the travel time into there looks big. Be very boring.

You should make a galaxy for players that dont want attacks :wink:

Be difficult to police too as I doubt you can make certain systems unattackable

lets get some discussion going here before the round starts.

I’m only good with the arm getting left alone.

I enjoyed the “battle time” for clan wars that I’d like to see.

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The CW battle system was good. I’d like to see a galaxy setting for cooperative rounds like a NAP in reverse where attacks are not possible or very limited unless a mutual war declaration is in place that auto expires after 24, 48, or 72 hours.

The thing this game desperately needs now is to focus on keeping new players. I believe a set of rules that apply different zones in a galaxy where certain activities are limited or encouraged would work well. There’s no reason the infrachill and hardcore players can’t coexist in one galaxy. The old fully random layouts don’t work for this. Customs are the way foward.

It’s rather disappointing there were over 50 views of this thread and only one reply before @Soull asked for some discussion. In my opinion if you don’t speak up and provide feedback then by default you agree to anything those actively discussing come up with.

Most rounds I try to come up with a reason to convince friends to join. Every time after I see the usual group of oldtimers and their bullshit attitude “this is how it’s always been and we don’t want change” I stop trying soon enough. Why would I get a friend to join a game where the chance of their round effectively ending half way thru a 6 week game is more than likely. There’s no incentive for new players to stay when there’s nothing to do, because you’ve been farmed into the ground.