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So, just a thought but I know that quite a few people here like to talk about sport; myself being a huge Football/Manchester United fan and a big fan of Rugby (Internationally England and club Sale Sharks).

Is it worth having a forum/topic/thread for people to whinge about how bad their football team is (me especially); the Premier League, Champions League, World Cup etc.

May be also a place for people to talk about topics like “Why Steve Bruce should not come within 100miles of the United job, and why Liverpool fans vehemently disagree.”

Obvs we have a big American contingent so, might be good for there to be forums about all the American sports that they say they’re the best in the world at when no other country actually plays them; or even things like games where your performance is significantly improved through the consumption of Alcohol (looking at you, Darts and Snooker).


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Finally. Fellow brit sports fan here too. My main sport is Rugby (union) of which I’m utterly obsessed and a massive Northampton Saints fan (and England ofcourse).
I used to be hugely into kicky ball as well, but I’ve since gone off it quite a bit due to the circus it has become and the pansies that play it.
I also follow F1 closely and love snooker and darts.

Kicky ball I’m a Luton fan (currently 11th in the championship).

We’ve been through a lot of bad times over the last 15 years.
Around 2008 I think it was (lose track of time), we were deducted points in league 1 and then league 2 by the FA for failing to pay a tax bill and for going into administration. Yes, back to back points deductions of -30 points, which of course resulted in us getting relegated to non-league for the first time in our history. We only owed a few hundred thousand pounds, which in today’s terms is absolutely nothing compared to what some clubs owe (Cough…Derby County).
To this day all our fans absolutely hate the FA for the way they treated us, because bigger clubs have got away with far more and been punished far less than this before and since.

Anyway, the club was literally hours away from dissolving until it was bought out by a consortium of fairly wealthy fans. I remember only 10 years ago playing teams like Eastbourne Borough and Kettering, or going to tiny garden sheds like Tamworth away (ground capacity 4,000, actual fans in the ground about 900).
We were stuck in noin league for 5 long, painful, agonising years before we finally got out as champions (had 2 playoff final defeats in that time too). It’s by far the toughest league in England to get out of, as all the teams can basically beat each other on any given day, and if you don’t win the league, you don’t go up as the playoff system is a lottery.

Since then we’ve been on a roll. Back to back promotions got us into league one, where we stayed for 2 seasons before winning that league again too.
Been in the championship 2 seasons now and firmly established with a new stadium on the way. It’s been an emotional journey but an incredible turnaround. We have a 5 year plan now to get into the premier league even.

I believe that money has utterly destroyed the sport for the most part, and that the premier league is one big circus. Real football is played in the lower leagues for me.

Rugby wise, Saints were flying at the start of this season, but we’ve since gone on a a bit of a crap run losing back to back games. Thankfully internationals are over (Great performance by England btw) and we have the likes of lawes, ludlam, Furbank etc back. Naiyaravoro also back from injury. Tough aaway trip to Bristol Friday, but happy the prem is back underway.

Nice write up - I did always notice the Northampton Saints badge haha. Unfortunately for me Sale aren’t doing too well at the moment and now Manu Tuilagi is out again for 6 weeks. I feel we may eventually lose our big players (i.e. Tom Curry) but, some promising youngsters are coming through, a couple of lads from my own rugby club have recently started getting selected for Sale’s first team which is great news!

But yes, Manchester United fan regrettably at the moment. Hoping we can sign Pochettino pretty soon, I don’t want to piss around with an interim until Summer then a new manager again. Biggest club in the world run in the most disjointed way.

Also follow F1, been a Lewis Hamilton fan since day 1; I remember seeing him in his second season back in 2008 at Silverstone when Jenson Button won with Brawn GP which was a brilliant day but; it’s such an expensive weekend to go down and watch so I haven’t been since unfortunately.

But apart from that I will watch any sport. Looking forward to trying to keep up with The Ashes from next week, The Hundred was a really good tournament and although my office is literally opposite Old Trafford cricket ground I didn’t get a ticket - although I will next time!

Your squad is ridiculous on paper. Utterly ridiculous. Moneybags Sale he he.
George Ford joining you next season as well - apparently you’re paying him less than the scum offered him to stay though because he wants to be with his family :sa:
Yeah Tuilagi is a class player but he’s a wheelchair - nearly always injured throughout his career. On his day there aren’t many centres better though (equally, thought it was a strange call Eddie putting him on the wing for the England / Aus game, but it seemed to work fairly well! :S)

I don’t think you’ll lose many big players mate, you have the ability to pay the wages. Although you do have a lot of South Africans in your team - at one point we used to refer to you guys as “South Africa B” at franklin’s gardens lol.

You guys do have some good young players, so do a lot of the prem teams (including us). Your forward pack is ridiculous and I think that always keeps you in games, would definitely expect you to get top 6 by end of the season purely off the back of that.

As for Man United - I think most of the UK, myself included, are absolutely delighted by the turmoil you’re going through andlong may it last. LOL

(Repeat: Not too much into football any more :P)

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Yeah that’s very true. I need to go and watch a few more games at Sale considering the stadium is well close. Used to go when I was a kid but barely at all anymore unfortunately.

Yes, United in turmoil but just announced Ralph Rangnick on a 6 month deal! Well happy with that!

ooh, actual sports discussions! Seems a good enough place to remind you all about my podcast and blog… can come discuss sportsball over in our discord too…

You should be able to find our podcast on all main podcast providers NineSixFourTwo Podcast, or you can listen over on our blog. To show our age we have a Facebook page

We have just finished our series on the Cricket T20 world cup, which as a NZer was quote fun, albeit with another sad ending… I’ll just cling to our Test Championship victory as the real pinnacle of world cricket! The boys are doing well in India now, assuming they get to play a 2nd test… and if we can ignore the travesty that is the fact we only have a TWO test series, between the two finalist of the S1 of the test championship!!!

As for football, I’ll take my royal blue money balls and start dancing over here with the lions and the CFC!!!


Nice! Great plug, might take a look at the discord when I get a minute :slight_smile:

Yeahhh you guys did well again in the T20, knocked us (England) out if I am not mistaken?

Think anyone that finishes above you in the Premier League this season will win it… good win for United last night though, Mr Inevitable Cristiano Ronaldo delivering the goods as always :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah NZ knocked England out in the semi’s… but this T20 World Cup was even more of a toss win T20 then normal… T20’s are heavily weighted in the favour of the chasing side anyway, and this tournament was even worse!

I am hoping no one finishes above us! But the crazy Christmas period is almost on us and we seems to slip up during this time… for more self plugs, our next podcast will probably be a football one on the Christmas period. Should get it recorded and out the week before christmas… might try to get one other out before hand (maybe even on the Ruger :ic_laugh: )

Oski weeewee

Nah not a fan of them pal.

Oski waaaa waaa

Grey Cup tomorrow boys gonna be Winnipeg At Hamilton Tiger :tiger: Cats . I’m gonna walk over there for abit atleast weather dependent.
Gonna watch some outfront on the jumbotron

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Is it wise for me to bring up what happened in the F1 yesterday?

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Ofcourse you could! Silverstone revenge. SUPERMAX LEGIT WORLD CHAMPIONN


Lewis robbed!


It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving p…erson

Really don’t understand the hate Lewis gets :joy:

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I realise he is a F1 driver, and they are all arrogant dicks, but to me he has always seemed like the most arrogant of dicks with no redeeming qualities… Although a lot of my view of him is formed by his conduct on the track in his early F1 career and as far as I can tell he may be more mature and rounded these days…

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Tigercats lost broke my heart was a good game over time.

You said that right! Lewis could learn a thing or two from the humble and fair Hollander, Verstappen.