Solo SS Galaxy Request

Hey Everyone,

After the chat today in discord, I would be interested to hear who would be up for another round of the Solo SS Galaxy.

Similar to the last one, with any tweaks that were suggested upon its completion.

Lots of people around wanted SS and this was popular last time.

Whos for it?

Drop your name in here if you would be interested, get a collective show of support that @I_like_pie can see other than comments in discord.


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i would play that :smiley: this is for sure my last round in MW.

I´d support this more then fam SS, but fam SS would be cool aswell

In it to moderately fail at it!

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I support this and would play this…

Would be happy to see the alliance feature work in here as Well… But that’s no must.

Make it 1* start Res tho and not 5* or 50*

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im in

I’m in