So who is winning pop? Mw 69

Is 12 gonna win pop and win the round. Or do you think some other fam will jump their pop banker to win the round.

Next round I will be pop banking attacking so my fam will be the fam to beat.

Unsure why pop it a trophy meow.
I run top fams all the time and rarely have a pop banker.
@I_like_pie ?


I can tell you who’s NOT winning in pop right now. <-- this girl. :joy:

@Leethal is lethal. Lol

yes that is Lethal.

I could help fund 19 to jump you in pop ,but I would be worried they would use it on eor units.

Once their realize pop is what really matters then i can.

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As long as we can hold our position I’m not concerned about my pop with only a few days left in the round. Maybe that’s the noob in me talking. :woman_shrugging:

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hehe yes, please dont fund. We already gave 19 a 2 day start as our bank was offline and was expecting more chill to EoR. :joy:

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Dukey listening to your podcast now ,and good luck in your war.

This prob really hurts your chance to finish number 1 in pop

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Guess I gotta spend my 4bil gc and 110mil iron on my pop banker now :frowning:

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I knew 6612 would win the round. They won pop nothing else matters.