SN37 Merge 5 (Final Battle)


Rank Family Planets Networth
1 I left my other leg in my pant (6272) [94,97] 971 11635334
2 The Alliance vs the Horde (6274) [25,72] 672 10401979
3 (6263) [59,87] 732 8888393


Rank Family Planets Networth
1 The Alliance vs the Horde (6274) [25,72] 1126 15593932
2 I left my other leg in my pant (6272) [94,97] 1249 15331774

The Final Battle

Any prior NAPs have been removed, and no further NAPs can be created.

Best of luck to both families!

Can you remove Rogue status? Quite unfair this powershot now on thé last week

That’s an internal family issue, something staff doesn’t interfere with.

The merits of the rogue feature itself is debatable, and you’re welcome to discuss your take on the situation in #support:feedback.

In the short term though, the most practical path forward is to get your fellow family members on your side to get your leader to remove the tag.

Alternatively, as Unofficial Alliances are allowed in SN37, you are free to coordinate with the opposing team. That may be leverage worth using to make your case. For instance, you could make the argument:

“Either un-rogue me so I can play and help, or I will provide intel and assistance to the opposition as I have nothing else to do.”

I myself would opt for a diplomatic solution, but it’s worth knowing your options. Best of luck.

Well it kind of penalized 72 .Before merge they were up almost 300 plants