SN37 Merge 4 (the final 3)


Rank Family Planets Networth
1 (6263) [59,87] 501 4410093
2 I left my other leg in my pant (6272) [94,97] 497 4375109
3 Horde! (6274) [25,72] 366 3795702
4 Hold my Beer and Watch This (6279) [76,9] 312 3603964
5 The Snoggits revival fam! (6286) [98,60] 388 3438879
6 Absolutely barbaric (6267) [46,15] 314 3169652


Rank Family Planets Networth
1 I left my other leg in my pant (6272) [94,97] 885 7820713
2 (6263) [59,87] 815 7572900
3 Horde! (6274) [25,72] 678 7377969


This is the last merge where NAPs will be active. After this week we’ll be down to the final 2 families, at which point the EoR battle will necessitate the removal of any prior peace agreements.

Whether or not any NAPs are cancelled before then is up to the remaining 3 families.

Best of luck, everybody!

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Every merge is with dead people :frowning:

How can you merge to 2 families if there is only 3 families left. If we can vote to not have another merge I’m voting for that I think this last merge made it pretty even, sucks the 2 biggest partax are in the sane family but this looks pretty even to me

As explained when the round opened:

There won’t be any vote to change this. Best of luck.

Great so your telling me I could get split from the guy who I have been with since second merge that is in a crap load of systems with me. O well if I get screwed over it will really suck I don’t think he would do me dirty but I have seen some dirty moves in my time playing this game, honestly I’ve really enjoyed this round would hate to get split from him

Also I just saw but my family can only attack 1 of the other 2 families cause we have a pnap with the other one kinda sucks

Much applause for this unique galaxy. Very much sounds like some old-school fun with constant adaption of strategies required. Good job for mixing it up @I_like_pie!

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Next round either make it to were we can have personal naps or no naps at all please pie

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The funniest thing about the merges are to see what kind of economies people have.

This has been fun so far. I’ve merged with good players who are also pretty easygoing. And as an added bonus, I’m still alive!

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Yow it was an interesting round

I heard you got killed

But which ranking determines the last family? Size or Networth?

Ask any woman, its all about the size!

I believe it’s nw

You hear wrong i,m alive

Its always been size in IC NW is easy just save for a week then jump a resuch player

For the win yes but for a merge I think it’s nw

It was more of a trick question to make the boss man state which is more important in his mind. Everyone knows size is all that matters in this game but Pie has never been good at the game so probably will make it NW :smiley:

Well if you look at mw the best family probably won’t win because of vultures expoing the planet’s they attacked

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