SN37 Merge 2

Note: There are more spots (36) than active players (34). in the interest of balance, the 2 top nw fams at the time did not receive a new player.

Everybody else was randomized by family, meaning fam members stuck together in their move.


Rank Family Planets Networth
1 (6263) [59,87] 165 646418
2 working hard (6282) [45,4] 195 566270
3 Absolutely barbaric (6267) [46,15] 151 531020
4 (6288) [35,50] 110 498263
5 The donkies (6279) [76,9] 97 491929
6 The Northwestern (6251) [82,23] 118 447725
7 Smurfin Yo Momma (6264) [89,85] 148 425979
8 THE POOP DOLLAR PRETENDERS!!! (6283) [32,23] 109 414983
9 I left my other leg in my pant (6272) [94,97] 100 400525
10 Hord3ling (6274) [25,72] 124 358644
11 The Snoggits revival fam! (6286) [98,60] 108 358531
12 (6250) [23,85] 71 353851
13 (6270) [94,14] 85 286788
14 Quantams of Solice (6253) [30,35] 84 271210
15 House Not So Menerva (6258) [6,88] 76 220030
16 PreternaturalGalaxtic MFN PimP (6261) [21,22] 49 217642
17 PW9 (6275) [59,42] 88 198284
18 Ping Pong (6260) [60,56] 69 168393
19 Flames of Despair (6280) [86,40] 36 154963
20 n00b clowns (6245) [9,32] 57 140357
21 The Music of Legends (6268) [20,2] 47 106676
22 The awesomest family that will (6285) [6,54] 33 76025
23 (6284) [46,64] 8 36591
24 The senate (6244) [81,98] 10 31977


Rank Family Planets Networth
1 (6263) [59,87] 234 814811
2 The donkies (6279) [76,9] 156 741548
3 (6288) [35,50] 206 733138
4 (6250) [23,85] 156 640639
5 The Snoggits revival fam! (6286) [98,60] 192 629741
6 I left my other leg in my pant (6272) [94,97] 174 620555
7 The Northwestern (6251) [82,23] 154 602688
8 working hard (6282) [45,4] 195 566270
9 Smurfin Yo Momma (6264) [89,85] 195 532655
10 Absolutely barbaric (6267) [46,15] 151 531020
11 Hord3ling (6274) [25,72] 181 499001
12 THE POOP DOLLAR PRETENDERS!!! (6283) [32,23] 142 491008

dammm again 1 fam member hope he play than finaly got a fam member

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It might be a good idea to, in the future, not change the setup of the game halfway.

The two top fams get no new players. For balance. Which means that, for their efforts, they have to make up the absence of the nw of an added fam in one week, or be assimilated. They also don’t get the chance to haul in a potential new - active- team mate.

Then Rizzy, fam ranked 5th, gets two entire fams (palproteine and kami). For… balance?

Maybe you just want to keep things interesting by avoiding top 2 got a large random fam and dominate too much. It would however have been useful to mention you could decide to interfere with the initial setup.

(Yeah, there will always be the grumbling malcontent, and now it’s me. :scream:)


I’m just happy I survived. :slight_smile:

@ZichtOpZee we don’t have enough players to split fams evenly. What do you suggest we do?

The only other option is to keep it 100% random, which could lead to already small fams not getting a new player.

And yes, Rizzy got 2 fams because each fam only had 1 player. That’s perfectly in line with the end goal of every merge being equal sized fams. There’s no change there from what was announced. What would you suggest as an alternative there, and why?

Feedback is great, but it’s more useful when you suggest an actual recommendation instead of “i don’t like this thing”. Like you did below:

That’s a fair point. I didn’t expect to have this issue, and should have discussed backup plans if the merges weren’t even. I’ll keep this in mind in the future.

That aside though, how would you have handled the merge differently, and why do you feel Rizzy isn’t entitled to being in a 3 person team?

I’m rizzys ally too so it’s a 4 person team!

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That’s the beauty of unofficial alliances! I’m curious as to who is allied with who. :thinking:

Or better yet, who has been merged with previous enemies. :fire:

I was merged with someone who took 4 planets just before the merge. We’re now working on getting them back to me.


And look at 1 off the people I merged with he is basically dead honestly and the other one is way of to the otherwise of the galaxy and it was a bad idea to pnap with ban now i can’t attack 3 people and if he gets more merged to him then we will never be able to attack.

Is there a way to remove a pnap if the 2 sides agree to make it a regular nap cause soon it’s gonna be time for the mighty revalons to attack

Well im all good for fair play but it seems you get penalized for being the biggest player.
Might need some thinking to stay smaller next round.and not play so active

Rizz I think your stuck with the perma nap till the end of round I too have made this mistake lol

If both parties in a pnap message @game-moderators, we can remove it.

That’s fair. Fwiw this was only 1 out of 6 merges to happen, and we can correct our course for the next one.

I know, I’ll think on it some. Maybe, just maybe, I should have before dropping the post. Maybe!

I’ll think on it some. Admittedly, not easy. Maybe go for an average nw.

Cause the aim was balance. If you allocate more than 1, it should then be to get a bottom fam a better chance.

And I know you can’t foresee everything and can’t crack open a can of pre-approved backup plans at the drop of a hat. Not when you’re working on fam forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Fam forums indeed! :wink:

This is the tricky bit. We’re also trying to balance balance itself with randomness lol. It’s as absurd as it sounds, but if we force equal outcomes we compromise the purpose of competition. In retrospect, that’s exactly what happened to you and the other fam who didn’t get a player.

After thinking about it some more, I do think we should have just kept it purely random.

Live and learn!

we are still with 2 players :disappointed_relieved:

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