SN37 Final Day

It ends in just about 24 hours!

Are there any last minute predictions? Any interesting skirmishes happening?

Team Rizzberry wins like we predicted from the start.

Plus we were the only cool guy squad anyways

Well actually the dad squad

The donkies (6279)
Rizzy. He’s got Kamikaze and (the decimated) Chancellor Palprotein, but that nw is just Rizzy. The bastard lovechild of MC Hammer and DMX, you can’t touch this, and he’s gonna give it to ya. He jumped himself to top 5, just rogered Deathdealer into oblivion, and his ground is unbroken. He started late, slipped in under the radar, which made the galaxy gave him the leeway to build up his own spot securely. I don’t see anyone singular capable of breaking his parade towards top dog for this round. And he is doing it as a revalon, for god’s sake. The favorite contender.

Thanks ZoZ but most of it deserves to go to my partner and my illegal alliance member from the start blueberry glad to make you correct

My original Fam # wins. So I win. GG.

Lol okay sure guy… We know who the real winner is That’s me and blueberry

It was established since start that we were a team, you were just a rookie who didn’t know how to play the war dancer race well enough to keep up infra wise to be able to have the balls to fight a bigger non attacking race

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Haha apart from you 2 it’s only me posting here so… You guys both Will be famous after this Round.

Drop IA and we’ll see next round

I’m just lucky to be on the winning team this time. It was a good fam, too. Did a lot together with Horde, Catch and Paytime.

I had no ties to my family, my team was Rizzy and I from the start then, cause he got adopted in at some point by Rizzi. Team Rizzberry for the win

We know the real winner of the round paytimer had to get horde to pass him planets to win and then rogue me so I could attack the last tick well played losers

Hahahaha you so funny dude. Rizzberry ftw eh! Lmao

You are getting it wrong, HOrde’s original fam won size and NW, and you helped us. I won personal size, you won Nw. Team Rizberry didn’t win anything :slight_smile:

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lol, most attacks you made all around Paytime getting passed planets at the end. You guys should all be embarassed for your failure of a round.

Dirty tactics all round it was a laugh come one guys

My personal opinion best attackers were catch and sloth. All horde and paytimer did was hit small guys that couldn’t defend themselves atleast catch took out sloth. O AND I FUNDED ALL THE FLEETS SO YEAH HORDE AND PAYTIMER ARE GARBAGE

I feel the love :slight_smile:

What that your garbage yeah I agree

the networth issue strikes again, simple as that really. the mega active survive and the causal gamer gets deleted. not great for retaining any players :S

I can’t be mega active, but I manage to do alright by being a pax banker/resourcer and opping opponents. Someday I’ll set aside some time to try being an attacker in a relatively short round…