Sirius attack start delay

shouldnt it be 2 weeks instead of 4 days i think the rest of the galaxy would be happy to put it to a vote on when attacks start? and hopefully you will do that otherwise the round will be over quicker then 6 weeks hell it might go 6 days.

It can end early. And we can set up better set up next round. I’m still happy to hear feedbacks and suggestions. Then I will set up better settings for next round.

ok ty Veg

No further extention of delay pls. 4 days already way too long…

I would not mind a 3-week round

3 week round, but set up sirius 5 quickly after
top fam will kill other fams blindfolded.
maybe have a cap on 5 members per family?

I will defo play this galaxy again Especially if you make it a little more balanced :slight_smile:

I prefer longer start delays. I’m also wondering if it’s possible to set it up so that the difference between numbers of family members between families doesn’t differ by more than one.

i still think it’d be best if we put it to a vote for Sirius 4 when does attacks start?

lol if attacks start now, round will be over by the end of the day :wink:

I guess the round is over :stuck_out_tongue:
Bit more infra slapping and cruising, and let’s try this again then ;p