Single-page empire/race/account creation flow

/recruit.php was our first single-page signup, and although it was an improvement it had 2 main problems:

  1. it defaulted to the first available galaxy, which sometimes caused players to join the wrong one

  2. it only showed you standard races if logged out or already-created races if logged in

    • this is also a problem for the existing “regular” join flow

The galaxy-specific joins help, but they do not allow account creation from the same form, so they are a step backwards in that regard.

We need something that allows players to do everything from a single page:

  1. create account (if not logged in)
  2. choose or create a race
  3. choose galaxy
  4. use draft code

Steps 2-4 should also possibly allow for defaults based on a Drafting invite link, though that is not a requirement for the initial feature.