Simplified morale formula

Can a new, more simple formula be created?

Morale cost = 0%


At this point I think we’d likely remove it before rewriting it. I think we have more to gain by reconsidering a different approach entirely.

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I don;t think removing morale is even an option. Farming will be even more of an issue then. So many downsides to having no morale that it makes me cringe.

Yeah, it’d be pretty drastic. What I mean is, rewriting it is even less likely.

We need to replace it with something else, the concept has never worked in a balanced way, even before the bugs.

I agree I dont think there has ever been a perfect morale formula but I can’t ever recall it being this buggy. I like the map in MW this round because it encourages conflict, however the morale issue atm discourages it because after 5 attacks your out of morale.

That’s the dilemma; leave it this broken or remove it?

This may be the first you’re seeing it bugged like this, but others have reported the same thing since at least last year, if not longer.

Neither option is a good option, but keeping it is the least bad one, at least for now.

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