Sign up now the tastiest Mafia ever!

It’s going to be so yummy!

Drop your name below so the cooks can start getting familiar with the ingredients :smiley:


In for more win

In it to go inactive

In to make sure ordos does not survive again

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MelsfreefallinToday at 8:16 PM

I forgot how to sign up, someone sign me up plz




Remind me what in the world Mafia is again?

Roleplaying game where we try to find out who the bad people are before they kill everyone else. There’s a whole subsection of the forum dedicated to it. Give it a try :slight_smile:

“where we try to find out who the bad people are”

LOL, This is IC… insert “Do you know who little that narrows things down” meme here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sign up and find out out

Sign me up

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