Shared Buff Ops

Negative ops can be cast on targets. Why shouldn’t this be possible with positive buffs?

  • No Fear
  • Space Amazement

What are your guys thoughts on making these shareable such that any empire with one of these ops can cast it on any other empire?

This may open the door to other shared buffs as well, but let’s focus on the existing 2 for now.


What would some other ops be? This would be a cool idea if it had more depth and created a true support/opper role, but I don’t see a big impact coming from adding SA/NF alone. We’d just have attackers with an extra 10 magic for a little extra op defense or something along those lines.

I’d like to remove the FA role and make that an op buff. Really though, we can go nuts with this stuff:

  • Temporary increase of gold/iron/whatever production
  • Temporary reduction of upkeep/food costs
  • Temporary atk and/or def boosts
  • Temporarily reduced construction times
  • Temporarily reduce travel times
  • Temporary pop boost

These would require further evaluation on their own, but I do think we should explore at least some of them.

For now though, SA and NF seems like a good start. I’m wondering what the downsides might be though.

FA role is bullshit in general I think…

The spells you mention would basically come down to galactic events for specific targets.
I really like the idea! Only challenge I can think of, is why would you not have the opper do the spells on the target for the entire round? Like, if we have a Pax casting these spells, why not have that pax op the pop banker for reduced food consumption, and the main attackers with NF the whole freaking round?

Can we all go back to using ops and spells as words? It gets really strange to see that a pax can do damage with ops haha.

Edited my previous post :wink:

Well if they still cost morale, we’d have to prioritize properly. If your pax is doing SAs and Rez buffs for everyone, they won’t have much left for OHs and other aggro ops.

Not true! If you have one custom race with a good % bonus for magic.
You could then have them do the spells like SA, NF, etc, and keep your pax for what you need him/Her for.

Besides. The only race SA would be needed for, would be the Rev, no SA
If you make a custom race and don’t include SA you’re a real noob!

NF would be good to use on quans, and revs, For they don’t have that opp. But it would be sweet to cast on a family empire if he’s off line, and under attack

And with this in mind

Temporary increase of gold/iron/whatever production
Temporary reduction of upkeep/food costs
Temporary atk and/or def boosts
Temporarily reduced construction times
Temporarily reduce travel times
Temporary pop boost

I wouldn’t like to see a increase income spell or opp, same as anything along the line for for the above

We all ready do this in science, except for the reduce travel time
I would like to see something along this line

What a nice topic!
More use for these guys for vets and noobies alike!

DREAMWEAVERS v4.1 (Final, pre -submission.)


An enlightened race of pacifists.
Widely renowned as non-violent and fair brokers of diplomacy and trade. The Dreamweavers use their great wealth and understanding of politics to subtly influence other races in all matters of planetary, and galactic significance. Their early near worship of portal and propulsion technology has served them quite well as they have looked to the stars.

It has not gone unnoticed by the other major races that the the agreements they broker always seem to favor the Dreamweavers in the long run.

Generate False Info
Reduce Food Production
Create Portal Force Field
Find Target Planets
No Fear
Space Amazement
Destroy Iron
Sense Defense Station

Spy on Target
Plant False Info
Check Allies
Sabotage Portal
Investigate Portal
Planetary Infrastructure
Destroy Cash

Pop -30%
Income 40%
Research 15%
Attack -30%
Magic 20%
Speed 120%

Tax Office

New Spell!
With the collective focus of all the Dreamweavers Wizards, they are able to briefly transcend this reality and enter a dimension of pure energy!
(8 hour Pmode, castable on self - once every 48 hours)

New agent Op!
Due the penetratingly sane clarity of their philosophically advanced society, the Dreamweavers circumvent the usual matriculation of politics

(Target is immune to Bureaucracy for 8 weeks).

DREAMWEAVERS v4.1 (Final, pre -submission.)

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Re: Dreamweavers (Pax lore) / Callidus (Latin for cunning):

Thanks for the contributions everybody! Looks great, and Transcendence and Arbitration sound incredible.

I have some work to wrap up on some community features, will likely be looking into this one next.

Good work!

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( Just sayin! <3 )

Responding directly to Pie’s OP, I like the idea. It would allow an empire to help out the family. Of course, it would allow traitors to work against the family, but if it shows up in family news, the leader can mark the traitor rogue and the fam can kill them off.

Hell bud, if you don’t want to code the ops - you could just make their race bonus “Can target other players with friendly Ops”