Self Sufficient in MW opinion poll!

With all of the talk about Eships, and Self Sufficient play in MW I wanted to ask the following questions.

This doesn’t mean anything besides getting people’s opinions on the matter.

  • Yes! MW is for everyone Including SS
  • No! MW is for team play, solo gal is for SS
  • I just wanted to vote!

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Id also like to know what do you do when you have a self sufficient player in your family?

  • I’d kill them
  • I’d leave them
  • Depends on the situation

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What I do, when I Cashtack and still am able to compete at a high level, is complex and requires look at the game sort of sideways.

To put it simply enough @TheBigOne the round that undeath volled the nap (and the round before) I was Cashtaking never truly left alone, I always explo back for the fam, and was an emergency banker, or a place to build emergency infra.

If what I do was done to a “T” on a pax or a cf banker, they would likely be able to out explo their family.

I let Thjis do this for a round, and he was amazing.
He did his own ops jumps, and was this angry pocket banker, that was so far ahead, when I showed Spooky a tick of his cash he said the most expressive thing I have ever seen him say.

“Well, he is the only one that can do it”.

Quite untre!
However - with the SS hate, and the inherent trustless dipshitness of everyone playing these days, likely you would be really hard pressed to find someone other than me that would be allowed to operate like that.

I mean I would let Hydro do in my fam, but not AW.

Both quite skilled, but Hydro is selfless and would be there for his team, where AW would have some agenda that would not be 100% fam.

Being a monster SS dood for your fam means just that - you are doing it for you fam. Usually to cover a deficiency.

You know your ealy banking is going to be shitty? Bank yourself and establish your core. Know your bankers are going to be a headache, and overly greedy? Have a dood go SS for you, and have that pocket cash.

Right now I pretty much have an SS player, and he is rocking the catbox.

Love you all, but SS totally viable, it is going to be the people that trust the least are going to vote against it. Mainly because they don’t have control over something.

No, I would not let any clown do it.
But I would let players like:

Lethal (if he wanted to try it)
Hala (my first pick out of the current population - by a mile)
Dron3s (he sort of does it at SoR anyway)

It’s not the skill of players in the conventional sense (tho all have it) - it is their situational awareness.
They know when to stop jumping themselves, and start helping their fams.

I am sure there are others, but those were the first that came to mind.

Undeath is the ideal example.
He would excel at it, but I just could not (personally) trust him enough to do it.
However Nick would (no doubt) rock the shit out of it in your family TBO.


Some of this data is very interesting!

For one, the number so far to vote to allow SS has honestly surprised me.

The odd part is, a handful who voted for that would also kill off the SS depending on situation.

This is all interesting data indeed! I can’t wait to see a few more people include their input.

Thanks everyone for indulging my curiosity.


I was wondering about that too.
There is deffy inconsistency.

You’re one of them :joy:. But you did give a detailed reasoning behind it.

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I thought you mean the people that voted “No!” but also said it is situational.

That is the one that doesn’t make sense (at least to me). :woman_shrugging:t2:

I saw my vote as “Sure, if the player / strat works for the family, but I get why people might not allow it”.

  1. That wasn’t an option.
  2. Because it wasn’t an option, I initially voted “I just wanted to vote”.


Yes, I am ancient in game years, but I remember when MW was able to support all styles of play even as a family-based galaxy.


Looks like we have some pretty even numbers!


I was going to SS this round, but I did not even let myself do it. :slight_smile:
Fam was too small, thus I had to attack and lead. Someone had to.

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I think a family of all ss players like we do in sn would be extremely dominant