Selective Memory Loss

One of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The movie centers on a couple whos life is intertwined, and they find out that they have used a service that erased them from each others minds. No other information, just the person. While the ethical dilemma is a separate issue, it has given me one of my favorite questions.

If you could completely forget one movie, so that you could rewatch it for the first time what would it be? Many movies have great replay ability, but that first viewing, that first thrill of the unknown, the first excitement, cannot be replaced

My top 5 for this idea are as follows:

  1. Fight Club, while this movie does replay well, as you get to see all of the nuances in the film. But that first time seeing the twist, trying to figure out Who is Tyler Durden

  2. The Matrix- the media campaign for this movie was so crazy, you honestly did not know what you were walking into.

  3. Inception- Christopher Nolan at his best, is it a dream, is it not, the music, the build up, that sense of being on the edge of your seat at all times waiting for the spinning top to fall over.

  4. Avengers Infinity War- I know this is a very new movie, but it was so amazing, i remember watching it for the first time and shedding a tear at the end( dont want to spoil it yet)

  5. The Hangover- I had to add at least one comedy, and i think this one gets worse the second time around, due to knowing the ending,

So what about you? what movie would you forget so you could watch it again for the first time?


Could I also name series? Because I would love to see Breaking bad again for the first time.

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Star Trek TMP.
Star Trek The Doomsday Machine.
Honestly, it’s the feeling I want back. There was still a fear factor when TMP came out. I would have liked to have seen a populated planet die on TDM, like Krypton’s death scene.


Buck Rogers: Space vampire. Same thing.

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A nightmare on Elm St.
If only I could watch those as if watching horror shows for the first time.


Memento and The Usual Suspects - same as what you describe for Fightclub @MTG_Dad, the plot twist at the end, getting that again would be awesome!

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The Way of the Gun. A friend was given it on DVD, We watched it and OMG it was THE WORST. Over the years, he has given that DVD away to many people, yet they always give it back to him.


The Matrix trilogy

The Game, with Michael Douglas

The Terminal

Lost in Translation. The ending was one of the most memorable I’ve ever seen.

Like KromarfKrom, also Star Trek TMP. It seems to be either loved or hated, and I’m on the love side.


The Usual Suspects.

Babylon 5.

The Matrix Trilogy

Fight Club

Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
Omfg - the Battle of Helm’s Deep. :gift_heart::heartbeat::star2::rainbow::ocean::dango::moon_cake:

The Princess Bride


I don’t think that’s a bonus for anyone. More a very selective type of punishment.

Independence Day, but I’d want to be a 13 year old again, sat in a huge cinema with my dad.


That fencing match was the fucking bomb! :exploding_head:


Good night. I’ll kill you in the morning.

Ah, I totally should’ve finished reading the question before answering. Oops. Bad answer on my part. And now I have to think of a right answer.