Schizo attack, wasn't me

EDIT: Warning: My n00b is showing.

This is the oddest thing I’ve seen.

I have apparently taken a family member’s planet. The thing is, I didn’t send fleet, and I didn’t trigger an attack against that fam member. This is not something I would do. Another fam member pointed out the family news item to me. Yep, it’s there. But… I didn’t actually do that.

Is there any way a glitch/server snafu could have caused this? Yes, it did happen. I have Dark One’s planet in my planet list.

I got nothing. I’m in Twilight Zone: Imperial Conflict here.

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Not friendly fire during a retake from an enemy attack?

I know this person is my fam. He didn’t attack me, so it wouldn’t have been a retake.

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Well, I guess my n00b is showing. It was a planet that was taken from me. I sent fleet, but the other fam member did a retake and much to my embarrassment, I did not think to double-check who the planet belonged to before triggering my own attack.

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I think that is pretty much exactly what @Terror_of_the_Night was referring to:

Yep. Color me embarrassed.

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