Sadly I am finally done with this game

Thanks Hala … but sadly I am finally done with this game so it doesn’t really matter.

Pie doesn’t know what he is doing. He wants to be a forum mod, not a game runner or developer. And that is not what this game needs. He started his own version of IC 2 … bailed on it. He has “stepped away” from the game twice now and just comes back a week later. Says he is going to hire a real dev to develop his game for him but that is never going to happen. How many carpenters do you know that hire other carpenters to work on their house? I was gung ho when I heard IC had new leadership, was putting a ton of money into the game through patreon, because I believed the game had so much potential… But after years of “development” we have only seen moderate UI changes and almost 0 changes to the actual gameplay… I have lost all faith.


@Lord_Pickle your assessment is somewhat hyperbolic and incorrect on a few points, but generally valid.

I am only involved as much in the forums right now specifically because of this Playground Draft. My general approach lately has been to keep farther away.

FWIW, IC’s frontend is being open-sourced. I’ve been meaning to make a post about it, but as usual, am juggling too many things.

There is a larger problem here than this round, and your point about my handling is well-taken. I am aware of this, which is why I’m opening up our codebase.

I moved this out of the other thread. Not because I “want to be a forum mod”, but because the draft thread has a bunch of side conversations detracting from its purpose.

Anyway, with regard to Pickle leaving: it’s of course unfortunate.

Regarding his points: I believe I have done far more than he is acknowledging, especially with regard to “moderate UI changes” given that the entire website was rewritten once already, but it doesn’t matter. His larger point is very correct: IC’s development pace has been excruciatingly slow.

I was planning this week (and last week) to make a post about the state of IC, and I will address more details there.

For now though, I’d like to thank @Lord_Pickle for his contributions to the community. Even if he is leaving on a sour note, I understand his frustration and would like to acknowledge the positive impact of his presence.

Good riddance Pickel maybe now he can spend the money on ads and stuff and we can all play old school IC again :rofl:

@Lord_Pickle You may rival me for whatever reasons but I hope at some time you reconsider & decide to continue placing input & play in this game you once dearly loved. It has at times been an addiction in my own life.
Anyway that’s my Hundred Dollars Worth.
Good Luck.


See you next round bud


Bye pickles!!

@Lord_Pickle I will miss you…you have been a joy to play with and against. Sad to see you go but hopefully pie can do some stuff to draw back you and others.

This game is like a drug, we all leave for a short time then get brought back. The odd time people leave for a few years but us long time players are hear to stay no matter what we say lol
Just need a few rounds off now and then to detox the system then there is that deep thought in the back of your head that says I wonder what’s going on in ic these days :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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