I think I’m gonna start joining fams just to ruin them maybe after a few rounds others will wise up.

I mean it’s not against the rules to join a fam and sabotage them right as long as I don’t multi

That is correct, it isn’t against the rules…

But if you came into my family with the main purpose of sabotaging it, I’m not going to give you the time of day to do so sir.

My statement does not have anything to do with the views or opinions of imperial conflict or it’s owner Pie.


He he he he he good save Soul.

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It might not be against the rules, an i have seen a few examples of this happening. For example the Rogue situation that occured last round, also having to do with Barnacles I do believe. But we have community policing as well, but with anonymous enabled, it is kinda hard to prove who is who.

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Ultra first class noob with banker race, teaming up with SS players and funding military with - 30% attack bonus GG :joy:

Need to fix account history so it records anon rounds as well. Then people can just show afterwards and match with rankings list to prove otherwise

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I’m half joking I was wouldn’t waste my time idk why they do it

Had I of not aided others I could have maybe defended the fam as a banker but wasn’t my role fighting a 250k cam at 150k and aiding the attackers who sucked

Hmm the 50 forum posts from you would say other wise, seems like you do a lot of whining and lying.

You wanna feel some pain? Nom

Easier to just ignore his posts… not much more than a troll account

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