Rule the Galaxy! 2017 Week 31

Welcome back!

It’s 2017 Week 31. In case you missed it, you can see Week 30’s update here:

Onto this week!

IC-Radio Live!

This last Friday, @Random hosted a test run of an idea he’s been heading: a live radio show for our players where he and I chat about the latest happenings in the game universe, development, and the community in general.

We intentionally did not announce the first one as to test interest and I’m happy to say that it proved to be successful! We’ll be doing it again this Friday between 02:30 and 04:30 UTC.

An announcement will come later with more specifics, including details on publishing it as a podcast. For now though, if you have any questions feel free drop by the chat.

IC Trivia

Did you know that one of our former players had a direct influence on the evolution of our game map?

The game map was twice redesigned with heavy influence from The IC Map Generator.

You can read more about The IC Map Generator here:

Galaxy Updates

Supernova 28

Just under 3 days left to go and still room for change. This time next week we’ll have our winners. It’s coming down to the wire!


Megatron of Where is my energon? (4281) shows no signs of giving up the lead. Porcupine of DANGER STAY BACK! (4285) is sitting comfortably at #2, with Bugging (4289) at #3 a little less comfortably. There’s still potential to shake up the top 3 a bit but just the same Megatron also has time to grow even more.


Megatron of Where is my energon? (4281) is still leading here as well while Louis of (4284) also maintains their spot at #2 from last week. Porcupine of DANGER STAY BACK! (4285) is pretty close behind though, and with EoR Jumps who knows what can happen here.

Milky Way 56

Milky Way 56 has seem some volatility in its start due to some families being been hit pretty hard with inactive joins. There has been speculation that these are the results of multi-joins, which is definitely possible. If you guys feel compelled to report anything suspicious please feel free to message us here:

We’d also like to remind everybody that this round we are continually opening family spots as they fill up. So if you haven’t yet joined it’s not too late to get in on the action. You can sign up here:


As for those faring better, the top 3 families have all surpassed 100 planets, with Se7en Deadly Sins (4296) in the current lead for size. Final Fantasy Universe (4290) and No Stress (4291) both follow close behind.

Greed, also from 4296, is currently in the individual size lead at 47 planets. Pizza makes an admirable appearance at #2 despite their family, Apocalypse Meow (4297) currently being in 6th place. AeriS of 4290 and Lust of 4296 both round things out being tied for 3rd with a very small gap to close.

Overall, Size Rankings are still very close and there is plenty of space left to explore.


On the Networth front, similarly the top 3 families have all reached 200,000 Networth with Final Fantasy Universe (4290) just barely holding the lead over Se7en Deadly Sins (4296). No Stress (4291) is not far behind in 3rd.

Individually, AeriS of 4290 holds the current top spot in Networth, again with Greed of 4296 and Pizza of 4297 both making apperances in the top 3.

Balius 2


We’re seeing much more growth disparity overall in Balius 2. underconstruction (4304) and So Nerdy (4303) are practicaly neck and neck at 128 and 126 planets, respectively. Game of Thrones (4298), however, has some catching up to do at 76 planets.

As one might expect, the individual top 3 size ranks are split between the top 2 families mentioned above; yeah of 4304 holds #1 with 54 planets. PhotonAccellerator of 4303 and Llanowar Kingdom of 4304 duke it out at 47 and 45 planets.


So Nerdy (4303) and underconstruction (4304) again take the top 2 spots but this time inverted with 4303 holding the Networth advantage. Again here as well, Game of Thrones (4298) trails 3rd with about a 100,000 Networth gap.

Individually, yeah of 4304 takes #1 here as well with a decent 35,000 Networth (about 36%) lead over PhotonAccellerator of 4303. lamdalamdalamda also of 4303 trails in 3rd not too far behind.

Red Rising

We’re a week into our custom game, and it is close!


Cassius of Olympic Knight (4310) has 29 planets to Darrow of Reaper (4309)'s 28, literally 1 away from a tie.


Darrow of Reaper (4309) takes it here, with 43,440 Networth over Cassius of Olympic Knight (4310)'s 43,247. A difference of only 193 Networth puts these 2 at practically tied here as well.

There’s still plenty of space here and no hard end date in site so we’ll see how these 2 strategize for the long game.

Recent Highlights

New Home Page!

So how do you guys like that new home page? Who knew we could be so slick?

Not too shabby!

I can’t take all of the credit here though; a lot of that goes to Start Bootstrap, a wonderful service that provides open source templates as starting points. I’m not obligated to plug them or anything, it’s just worth appreciating people doing good things. =)

There are more visual updates on the way including (finally) updated graphics for our empire races! It’s only been what, over a decade? Huzzah!

Patreon Reward Update

We’re remove the Patreon Commander reward that allowed monthly Q&A time. Instead, we’re going to do this for free every month for everybody to participate in as a “town hall” style Q&A session. Details on the session for August are pending.

As for now, players can still choose to be a Patreon Commander for $25 but the rewards are the same as the $15 tier, Patron Warrior, outside of an upgraded title.

As always, any and all contributions are very welcome. The more subscribers we receive, the more we can ensure you faster game updates and more time on community features. Even a $1 subcription goes a long way.


2017 Week 30

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bugfix: You can once again re-use your empire and leader names between rounds.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bugfix: The 35% Networth restriction no longer affects intra-fam battles.
  • :sparkles: Feature: Our galaxy start/end countdown timers have been fixed and replaced with actual live timers.
  • :sparkles: Feature: We’ve started moving our guide over to the new wiki, which can be edited by any player.
  • :sparkles: Feature: New home page!

See you next week.

Until next time, catcha on the forums and chat!

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