Royal merge?



Royal seems pretty under popped, and the bottom fams only have 1 member, guessing most are inactive… i like the idea but just not enough take up. And personally id rather go back to super nova now. no offence king ray. just needs more takers on the galaxy. Could a merger be done on the lower fams to try and get some activity?

2018: The Year in Review

Hey @Vivanti! Your absolutely right. Yes there will be a merge of fams. I wish more people would have joined, but it is what it is. Gonna shrink Fams and have a massive battle for supremacy. Should still be fun!


I’m active, so I’d like to be leader of whatever merged I’m involved in. I can always change my vote later if a more experienced player would make a better leader.


Does this mean I can’t SS for a week and die like a man? I am under no illusions that I can win this thing. :brain::potato:


It’s anyone’s round. :joy: @PW_Forever and @audiodef that would be someting you’d have to work out with who you merge with the people you merge with. Would it not?


Yeah, that’s true. No worries. :slight_smile:


wow we got a 4 man fam :stuck_out_tongue:




Merge screwed me. My 8 explored ones now are not even close to me. Wtf


It’s ok, you’re closer to me now. :crazy_face: