Round type thoughts and feedback

I think there is a discussion to be had around game-modes as well, and what they each mean

  1. Team-based (Traditional IC game play with family)
  2. Solo (1 fam = 1 empire)
  3. This 1 big fam/Free-for-all, whatever (1 fam all empires)

What do each of these round types mean, how should they be played, how do they differentiate? Are there special rule-sets needed for each, are their different round setup that make more sense for one than the other?

To me team-based is as stated, the traditional IC game-play, all land in a fam of x empires, determine roles and face off against the other fam/teams in the galaxy. Winner is fam at the top of the standings at EOR

  • Can vote on fam size (2+ ? or are duos their own thing too), UA, Market, Fam aid

Solo games are what most people thing with that, x “families” of 1 empire, so everyone gets their own starting position around the map. Winner is empire/fam that is top of the standings at EOR

  • can vote on UA, market

Free-for-all is this current round, one family of all empires, everyone starts at the same spot, and winner is empire at top of the individual standings come EOR

  • can vote fam aid, market, leader powers (new)
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