Round set up changes

Well in light of this amazing round setup I would like to propose a few fixable changes to the code for this new automatic gaalxy creation.

  1. limit the choice options. Some like 1 family, 30 players. Should not really be an option. I would understand if it was 30 families, 1 player. Or 2 families, 15 players…it just makes more sense for the type of round/ galaxy that it is. A replacement for Andro which replaced MW.

I will update this as find more ideas.


I agree.

I was shocked to see 1 family with 30 players as an option.

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I was shocked people would vote for it.

Anyways - I agree @kingray - however, I don’t think we have to overthink what vote options there should be. Pie and Soul are perfectly aware what reasonable options are, they should limit the choices to that.


Bin the votes for various family sizes. The way it’s set up currently, 2 people voting for solo play or a 30 man family can out vote a much larger number of people voting for various sizes of teams. I don’t care if the family is 3,4,5,6 or 7 people. We should look at the distribution of votes to understand what bins might make sense.


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Should have 3 options

  1. Solo
  2. Teams
  3. Free for all

Each of these options should then bring up sub-options such as fam sizes in a team-based game.


I still think having different galaxies for such things is better.

The problem with voting is that some people only ever want to play SS or none combat type rounds where all they do is build.

I have noticed a few people always want that option, the SS / solo / lets do nothing but build option and they are often convince others to pick that option.

To me solo and free for all just sound like the exact same thing, both SS missions.

Personally I’d just have 1 galaxy for solo play and 1 galaxy for team play.

Solo: I guess you would vote on things like map size or if its a combat round or friendly building round / infra race.

Team: You would vote on family size, family numbers and so on.

Basically if some people had their way all we would ever play is SS solo missions and none combat infra race rounds.


Different galaxies is probably the best option, but I think that is a later step in PIe’s dev work - to allow players to create custom galaxies and define who is playing