Round option

Just wondering what everyone’s option on the larger family setup this round has been?

Like it more, or less than smaller fams but more of them?

Why or why not?

A bit of both, its a nice thing to have more fam members and try to set an organisation. Also cripples your fam less when one player misses or goes inactive.

On the other hand the few amount of fams is making it a bit silly to do diplo. Or you fight 1 vs 1 vs1 vs1 or 2 make a nap and other 2 are almost forced to do the same. And if it goes 3 vs 1 a quarter of all players will be unhappy.

So basicly I see clear pros and cons in both.

Maybe have the both systems alternating from round to round.

Moree. Less pressure to be active.

I’ve liked it, but I think it needs a bigger player base to be a continual thing.
Only 4 fams its pretty hectic.
If there were like 8 fams of 12, it’d be a lot better.

I’ve got a headache, those 2 days off at EOR will be nice =D

Maybe look at 5 or 6 man fams next round.

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