Round Length

Was it intended for the rounds to be 2 months long or is it supposed to be 1 month?

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Known bug caused the extra month.

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Leave it at 2 months for next round. And make the map bigger ane mire systems or more planets per system.

My fam had a late start and we could of easily caught the top fams up but lack of planets and map size stopped us doing that. Weve been forced to be stuck where we are by the setup. No chance to grow

tbh… I like the smaller maps… you don’t want a round that keeps you in expo phase the entire round… the sooner the map fills the more conflict there will be. And as far as I recall, that’s the idea of the game.

Round starts and all fams have the same time and resources to build. If your fam is a slow starter it’s probably due to activity.

And what about fams that have a delayed start, like the fam im in. That had 2 players for 3 weeks. Then me and another player joined late, expo phase was over and we had no chance to grow. We have had to idle and do next to nothing for the remainder. Where as if the map was bigger with more planets or systems wed have had a chance to do something.

This set up caters for the lucky fams who fill with actives. Its not a fairly catered setup

Start should be more balanced then. Split players over all fams so they are equal. Don’t start round before there are balanced fams. If players join later they will have to be placed over the fams or you should close the galaxy for joining.

If there are fams with 4 players you can’t have a fam with 2 players at start. But that has nothing to do with map size or round length.

Its a nice idea mate, but half of those fams with 4 players could be 2 to 3 players after 48hrs aka inactives…

Jep… only top fam in current round started with 4 active players, only reason they are on top.

The Round Length Bug has been fixed for new rounds going forward.

We also where 3 man , not as easy, specially 48 hours first inactive, then another joined also inactive, another 48 hour. By then hard to find sombody who wannay join after 96 hours.

Problem , how on earth can ya predict sombody whonklocks joun is gonna be inactive. Nothing to be done about really …


Irs difficult stsy in fam option this round woukd have been nice :+1:

Only one or maybe 2 fams had actives on start, but don’t think that can be fixed with a stay in Fam round. Plus we already have a stay or leave choice at eor (for staying in galaxy not family). We could also vote a bit bigger fams next round as a community then the weight of one inactive is less likely to bugger your whole round.

IT’S a bit of a bias there is not much playing alternative for those whose round is ended as they have no goals anymore. Unless you want to play the one empire fams round.


Ofc it can be fixed with a stay in fam round. All fams now have 3 to 4 activish players. After a reset itll be another unbalalanced start.

3 or 4 can make a huge difference, stay in Fam or not and you don’t have assurance all 3 or 4 active will effectively play next round.

Just as stay in galaxy doesn’t assure it even though standard setting is don’t stay.

I pledge for a Fam total of ress and cash at start of round. Same for every fam and late joiners getting none. And a total amount of expos able to built a day per Fam not per empire base.

For the current round I can understand some folks round feels like being over. But I feel some new people to the game have unfinished business still.

I hate ur resources idea. Thatd limit smaller fams even more.

I like your family expos idea tho that would be great for balancing.

Unfinished buiseness ^^