Round Length, start and end dates

Idea by @You_Fool and myself.

The current set-up is to join the next round while the current round is still under way, and the round starts within a day of the former round ending.

To create a bit of a breathing break in between the rounds, and have some time to align people in the families, set up starting strategy and role structure etc. We have the following suggestion:

Start the round on the 1st of every month.
End the round 2 days before the last day of the month.

This would mean round length may differ 1 or 2 days depending on the month, but would give a consistent break between rounds.


I’m up for it as long as rounds aren’t starting on Monday mornings.

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I like Hala’s idea, mine is slightly different in that start on the first then have a set 28 day round, with the inter-round period being the last few days, and this might fluctuate from 2-3 days (or 0 at end of Feb)

This gives a set round length at all times


Both ideas are interesting…but, isn’t it that same thing Pie is already doing?

No, currently round starts on 1st and ends on last day of the month… this leaves only 24 hrs between a round end and tick 1 of the next round… pre-round is thus super short, and also overlapping with existing round

Proposal is to set round to be 2-3 days shorter and have a 2-3 day cooldown between rounds where next round will be open and people can relax and start to organize for the new round

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The only issue I’d see with linking to calendar dates (e.g. start on 1st, end on 28th, buffer) is that round starts might start to scatter over the work week.

Definitely appreciate starting on Saturday as a work friendly start time, but how can we get that consistent with the 28 day rounds + buffer?

Unless folks are alright with starting rounds at slightly variable week days. Though I’m counting sCriv’s post as a vote against rounds starting during the work week.

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The issue is that Pie’s schedule means he wants to automate round starts, and he can do that easily on the xth of the month (I.e. 1st as current)

I don’t think we can get 1st Saturday of the month then end 28 days later… especially since that could mean round end creeps into the next month (also something Pie doesn’t want)


Understood! +1 to set dates, then, especially as it helps for automation

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