Role Playing Thread

I’ll go first,
In a Galaxy long forgotten a race of dark beings existed. There was Justin, Emily, Dan, and some Wheelchair guy . Dan was clearly the strongest of the Dark players but was out matched by the darkness of the others. Clovers of Darkness Dan wanted to grow the darkness so he listened to the others and tried to help but out of the darkness a hand appeared and made Dan a rogue and the others turned on him but he expected the treacherous nature of the others and out of spite planned ahead he attacked and oped the darkness and what was a quick murder plan turned into days and the hand of darkness lost its thumb. The Clovers of Darkness proved to be more than a match for any single other and that day their evil plans were foiled and they learned the evil and darkness are not the same thing and that the darkness proved more powerful United under good than evil the other beings never recovered from their attacks of clovers of darkness.

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But, then dan woke up. What was that he thought, was the just a dream. He got out of bed an went to the bathroom to wash the sleep from his face, looking into the mirror he saw… he didn’t know what was looking back at him, his eyes, his eyes had a slight red glow to them. Oh man, what is wrong with me. He went back to his bedroom to gather his thoughts. I was in a cave in my dream, an there was this darkness, absolute darkness around me, as he slowly began to remember his dream. I fought, I fought with the Clovers of darkness and I beat him. But why are my eyes red, all of the sudden he heard a voice, Dan, oh Dan… you didn’t beat me… I am you now. We are going to do so many things together.

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He panicked. “What is this voice, who…who are you?” Dan asked.

"Who am i? I am the clover of darkness, who you thought you defeated, and now I am a part of you, and I will take over your body and your soul and take completely control eventually. Then I can once again wreak havoc on this forsaken world. "

“No, No, you can’t! I will never allow you to take over me” - dan frantically replied

There must be a way, a way to get this thing out of me. Dan began to panic, he didn’t think something like this could happen to him. He began to pace back and forth, thinking if he should reach out to his old friends, but knew that they would kill him if they found out. If it wasn’t for that hand, I wouldn’t be here right now, he thought.

“It’s pointless to think that you can escape your faith, the Hand is absolute and anything it touches belongs to it. It is only a matter of time.”

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Just then Clovers of Darkness had a epiphany.
He decided him and the darkness where friends and that Justin was just a drunk and Emily some crazy religious freak . So he said a prayer of darkness for the wheelchair guy who was instantly forgiven by the Darkness because Justin and Emily were two inactive freaks on the warfront and his eyes went from red to blue and suddenly he didn’t care any more but just then the wheelchairs guys eyes began to glow red …