***RISE VS 55 & 51 IN MW 73***

Milky Way 73, Now is the pivotal moment! ARISE!!! Cancel all Naps with the big boys, 55 & 51 Alliance, and show them what Men do…


Cheers and merry christmas,

Real men jump 38 ticks before war!


Real Man was about to do real work when I noticed petty 55 cancelled on 56. :fire::100::partying_face::100::fire::tm::eggplant:

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Happy Hunting and Happy New Year!

Swagga Will never change… Agreed a cease fire with Luker inside your Fam and we pmed you and he pmed your Fam in discord. Yet couple of tick later you hit our banker…


Ugin in Planeswaker fam has done a good job protecting his family. He surrendered and we have reinsated the nap with them, free of charge, before any hostilities took place.

Yet his own family member Fayden deleted ungratefully, what a shitty way to thank your leader for a job well done given the circumstances.

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lol blame me ugin told he quitt at saturday because holiday and new job and realy not blame him real life more important than ic game but than we play without a atacker no sence to spare time in this sorry than better could play mine craft ore what else

Why delete? I dont get this.

We attack anyone we get flamed for farming.

When we NAP someone, they delete and run away.

WTF is left of this game then?

nothing know bout resigned nap but what would make difference 3 man fam without attacker and so every one know i be almost around to play but this way so said above could better play a building game than what i never do to borring np blame me for the quitt it don’t hurt much

When fighting someone, nothing brings me more satisfaction than their complete submission, surrender and deletion. But its sad to see on behalf of your family and the game.

You were the third best family this round, if this is the mentality people have, why the smaller families even try?

Im more satisfied in taking a small amount letting them rebuild so they can attempt my family a 2nd time.
If you manage to beat every family twice with no alliance help what so ever.
once on your terms and once on there’s.
then and only then should an attacker be truly satisfied.

Issue is the way ic is now this will never happen😂

I thought the option to delete was removed years ago

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It’s BACK!!
Delete Empire
WARNING: If you delete your empire, you will not be able to re-join this galaxy’s current round.
I am sure that I want to delete my empire.

About time… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rivan haha hold your breath!

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