Review of ic i wrote in 2019 i think

Review of ImperialConflict

Where do I start with this as this isn’t a new game I just happened to stumble across ,but a older game that I used to play when I first got a pc as a late teenager. First off I will say this will not be an unbiased review. I have built in memories fond memories of what the game was and dreams of what the game could be.

In game I am known as Jets at that time online gaming wasn’t as much a thing so I never had a gamer tag before. My Consoles of the day didn’t come online ready or anything. If you haven’t guess ImperialConflict or “IC” the abbreviation I will be referring to the game in the rest of this review is a pc game. This game isn’t bought online or at a local Gamestop location. This was a Free to play game and is still is a free to play game.(not pay to win) You can choose to become a Patron or donate ,but this gives no in game advantage. The game is currently is run by a Mr. Guerrero. His gamer tag in game is I_like_pie and is a former player that loved the game so much a few years back he actually bought the game.

IC is a text based space strategy game played through web browsers. If that doesn’t sound exciting to you then I don’t know what would be. No this isn’t a Battle Royal although in some ways maybe it is. A player creates an account and joins a galaxy far far away. The new created empire then lands into a system with other empires that together form a family. Together they are stronger like voltron, ThunderCats, or power rangers. The family foundation then selects a leader and every vote counts there’s no electoral college here.

In this galaxy there are many other families just like your own that you have to decide if diplomacy or war will be your tactic to galactic supremacy. Fight too early and you will slow your Economy down or fight too late and you may have very little room to grow. Starting off with just 1 planet you must explore nearby systems, watch out for other families exploring to close, and choose when the time is right to strike.

I would say the game is pretty easy to pick up and just about any aged players can play it. A powerful computer is not required most of started playing on our toasters or potatoes of computers back in the day. So the game is real accessible ,but how long does it take to play a game you ask? Well here is the best part it is the perfect a la carte of a game. The choice of when you play is yours what I mean is the game runs on rounds that tend to last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. The game runs on 1 hr increments the players calls them ticks. This type of game is considered tick based as every hour the actions chosen in game by the player goes into effect. As a player you choose how many of these ticks your online for and it usually doesn’t take much more then 5 minutes to do needed actions.

The game also has active forums and a discord chat server where players can meet and discuss events in game or out of. Personally I have made some life long friends playing this game and although I never met our bond is strong. The game promotes working together and getting to know each other. The admin is active and is always developing improving the game with no paid DLC. This is a true Free to play game and has limitless replay ability.

Jets started playing years ago and just started playing again this past round. I played as a fearsome attacker that wasn’t always in the best family ,but always was someone to look out for and take notice of. Playing the game again after so many years brought back some of the old feelings ,and the nostalgia of it all. This round was much like the rest and a veteran of the game voted for me to be leader and the story of 6613 was born. Each family receives a family number and this is found in rankings

Current rankings with one week left. We are ranked 9th in total planets. We are going to try to change that.

Family location is random and 6613 was right in the middle of families that were growing way faster. As leader I searched high and wide looking for allies. Real in game messages include these.

T-76 This one to 6610 currently 5th on the list

Imperial of Jester (#6613)

I understand this may he a longshot ,but hey shoot for the stars right. Are ya in need of an ally?

T-76 this was to 6614 3rd on the list

Imperial of Jester (#6613)

So when are we gonna make our alliance official?

T-76 fam 6612 I never even got a response

Imperial of Jester (#6613)

My fam is wondering when you will make this alliance official.

Time after time our fam was shot down. We ended up allying 6606 that just wasn’t close enough to be much help. We were able to secure the number of planets we have now ,but have for the most part used diplomacy to keep us out of harms way.

If any of this sounds exciting for you or if you want to give the game a try you can at.

Even if you choose not to try the game at this time thankyou for reading and taking the time to do so.

Below is a video by another player that uses the gamer tag HydroP he goes over the basics of getting started and getting into a game.

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