Returning to IC. In need of a mentor

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I haven’t played IC in a very very long time (years). I barely remember all the details of this game. I will tell you that years ago, I was a banker for a few rounds and an attacker once or twice (sorry if I mess up the IC lingo).

Anyway, I got the urge to play again and would like to join a family that will mentor me back into shape. I understand the dedication this game takes and I am committed to being an asset to the right family.

Please let me know if any families out there are willing to take me in and how I can join your team.


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Don’t know how many families are still open in MW

If your just returning maybe have to start with virgo

Which would be be a bad option to familiarize yourself with the game,

Also I’m always open to answer any questions to the best of my ability on discord


Just random in and wing it!

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Also agree with @oldie

Cool. Thank you. How can I join the discord chat? I’ve barely used discord.

Never mind I’m in the chat. Thanks !

1+1 is still 3 don’t worry

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If you’ve got a phone download it in the app server. It’s free! Also i think it’s the most convenient however laggy at times…