Returning player


I used to play between year 2000 and 2005. My name was Capions I was not prolific but played in the times of killabeeze, hardcore4eva, playboy penguin and their ilk.

My family was led by a dude called Oblique had some great economy specialists such as triqster and Vario over the time we had some great attackers to go alongside the economy specialists.

We had a clan (which in the day was basically identifiable by your forum tag) ours was called FfT or Fuck Forum Tags. If anyone remembers please let me know.

There were some big wars back in those days and a lot more players than what I see now which is a shame. I even used to play when the game had an exploration phase of about two to three weeks where no wars were allowed and then it was opened up and all hell broke loose.

I mainly played as a hardcore attacker, being fed cash by my fam and then supplying planets. Would love to try get back to that style of gaming.

It was a great game back then


Thanks for stopping back in :tada:.

Going to try your hand at playing?

Yeah but theres no planets left to explore :frowning:

rounds are pretty short these days. this one especially. so just stick around til september :blush:

Welcome back to the game! Those are familiar names indeed. Less players but therefor not less fun!!! :slight_smile:

Dang shoullda drafted in my fam ! Killing for another player

Sorry, maybe next round?

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My fam is great this round!
Next round even better I reckon

keep in touch :slight_smile:

Ahh the good old days

Welcome back

Id be up for some oldskool play next round. Bankers, attackers, alliances etc. Would love to max out the markets again. Do people do that these days?

yes too bad there is only a maximum of 20 active players