Retrieving Prior Empire History


I see that @I_like_pie was able to retrieve his empire history dating back to 2004. This is done via a Player ID #.

My question for guys old timers like myself is if it is possible to retrieve our history from prior accounts? My current registration dates back to 2004 but I was much more active prior to that. Is it possible to rediscover that history, or has it been deleted and lost to the ages?

I completely understand that while it might be possible to retrieve the history of old accounts, that it may not be a good use of @I_like_pie’s time helping with that. More curious if it is possible then asking for it to be done.

Consolidate Empire History

If this is possible but time consuming maybe this could be a patron perk.


It’s tricky, but overall good news. We have history data in 3 places:

  1. Static rankings at

    • The big problem with this one is that never linked to any hard reference in the database, and only includes top 100. We therefore can’t fully match every record there to a game profile.
  2. Partial data from the database at

    • This is a little better, but the data is still pretty dirty.
  3. Complete data from galaxies at

    • This is the easiest to understand, but isn’t currently represented on player profiles which make them somewhat useless.

We can and should consolidate as much as this as possible for everybody, and I plan to do so but haven’t put it on #roadmap:to-do, until now. :slight_smile:


I found the old Hall of Fame for early rounds yesterday somehow. Nice to see it still exists in some format.

I also started randomly typing in player ID #s and seeing what came up. There were quite a few that were created and activated but showed no further history. Plus quite a few which returned zero data.

If an account was deleted by a player is that information totally gone?


Sadly, yes. For years data was abandoned fairly casually. :frowning:

In those cases, that round-stats page is all we have officially, and are left depending on and/or player-saved records to try to rebuild from external sources.


Sadly then, much of my record may indeed be lost to the ages. I don’t recall ever deleting my account, but based on the fact that I created a new one in 2007 there is a good chance that I did indeed delete the original for whatever reason.

But then again, for all those years of illegal drafting where accounts were transferred from player to player, all that data likely would be a jumble of accounts anyway.


If you know of any aliases you may have used, it would be easy enough to look them up. You never know.