Restart MW 60?

The map is too sparse, I know it is arbitrary but can we restart the round and have pie manually place fams back into how they are now? Will give some more time to fill up spots as well.

No idea how to make polls and Discourse need to add a button like upload is but for polls.

Reply yes or no (also gives people the chance to explain why).

Oddly enough, there are around 100 more systems on the same map size as last round!

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Then my family placed horribly, average close system is 10 ticks without speed - but beyond that is all next to each other so we can still grow fast, just had to remake my remake of DarkKnight race to be a clone not a modified version.

Because of the draft mess I created I am voting yes so pie can push a fix :slight_smile:

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The start has been delayed by 24 hours, but the map will remain as is.